Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Run In

We had a little run in with the law ...


First he dyed his hair blue and then things got out of control ...


He was locked in the cop car UNTIL I  opened the door to let him out to see the rest of the Summer Library Celebration. 

The kids had their hair sprayed with color and faces painted.  We fell in love with this little hedgehog and got to touch him.


We did boat races with water squirters.  The kids always get so competitive with each other.



There were craft stations, obstacle courses and a bubble station with fly swatters.


Dress up is always fun.  We had a blue haired senorita...


A Hootchie Mama


A Chinese Man (with braces)


A Fire Head Super Hero


Pictures with Storm Troopers


The Summer Library party is always filled with fun!


Rachel S. Smith said...

What fun! Our town has a kite festival for all the reading through the school year! It is a lot like this! Thanks for posting the pictures! My fav is the hoochie mama :)

Summer Spillane Jordan said...

i think i want to start going to YOUR library :) ours had an ice cream party! somehow i think if the kids got a storm trooper out of it we could have squeezed in several hundred more books this summer :)

Teachinfourth said...

Man, our library only has books, not awesome celebrations. It looks like I've been going to the wrong place all these years!

Anonymous said...

Chinese man with braces...... very racist, you should delete this love X