Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back 2 School Art

We needed a little back to school art for our fridge.  The little girls have been begging to do some more finger painting so I came up with these apples and worms.


We dipped the palms of our hands in red paint and stamped the paper.  Then we used our thumbs for the green leaf and drug our pinkies down the paper for the worms.  The girls LOVED the finger painting.  I cut out my favorite apples from each of us and put them on our little chalked black paper.

Then when the older kids came home and started asking about the apples the little girls were all smiles at their work.  I love having their little hand prints.


K M said...

So darling!!!! :)

Jaymerz said...

so cute, I think I will do this with the kids this afternoon. It will be the perfect rainy day activity!!

Unknown said...

those are darling!