Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bits of March

Love this group of ladies, whether we are hiking, going to a movie, out to eat, or just group texting, they absolutely crack me up!


Jacob took the two little girls roller skating one afternoon and I got those cute texts.


We hung out at a park in Denver and noticed Spring was on the way and warmth in the air.


Colonial day was fun for Jerrica, especially the homemade bread and butter.

Colonial Day

Stephen got the Comcast box seats one night for an Avalanche game.  So fun!


Jerrica started soccer with pink cleats and a pink ball.  For some reason she already understands the game and is pretty good.  It might be due to all of her older siblings.

Jerra Soccer

We brought lemons home from our Arizona trip and Kaylee juiced them for us to enjoy frozen lemonade for the summer.


March Madness brackets were made and marked up.  Stephen was the big winner this year and so he didn’t have to pay out as usual.

March Madness

Ashley the party queen had friends bring pizza toppings and we had a little pizza night.

Pizza Party

Fun FHE where we talked about how luck often is the result of hard work.  The girls helped make these cute rainbow milkshakes with me.


Jacob started high school swim so there is that constant dash over to Liberty’s pool after school each day.


Late night jammy run to YoYogart with these cute girls.

Womens Conference

AND that is a bit of our March

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Thompson one second

I enjoyed all of last year looking at Susan’s videos every month of one second everyday in their lives.  I’m not a video person, but really wanted to try this.  It looked easy because it’s an app.  After emailing questions back and forth with Susan I started it in January. 

Here is my January -

I LOVE how Susan's videos haves music and know that mine needs just that.  I am just not techy enough to figure out how to put music with it.  I wish that the app had a way to add the music.

At any rate, it is fun to have some motion to our family memories.  Check out tips on the One Second Everyday app here - One Second Everyday

SO fun!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bits of February

Love must have been in the air because Jacob went on a couple of really fun group dates.  I say really fun because they sounded FUN!

Ashley had Viking Day at school and seemed to go back to the How to Train a Dragon time period.


Uncle Keith and Aunt Janelle had their baby girl.  The big girls were up there the night she was born and then we had to go back up to see her with everyone else…


The mailboxes were once again in full swing.  Jerrica was my postman each morning stuffing them with goodness.


The little girls made their Valentines.  Jerrica loves Minecraft and made hers accordingly.


Neither girl made Valentine boxes at home.  They both made bags at school to put their Valentine’s in.  It’s always fun going through the Valentines and seeing all of the different creations from friends.

I made Stephen a cute stuffed Valentine box that I will have to post on.

We took the girls to an ice sculpture contest and then to Noodles for lunch.  Both seemed appropriate Valentine activities.  It was fun hearing the girls dream of what kind of boyfriends they want as they get older.


The little girls had friends over and we did a chocolate fondue with everyone.  There is just something about chocolate where everything tastes SO yummy!


Swimming is in full swing for Jacob.  We took all of the girls to one meet.  It was so packed that we couldn’t all sit together.  The older girls and I laughed as we watching Stephen sharing “his” music with Jerrica.  They looked so cute with each other!

Swim MeetSwim4

Jacob has been swimming the 200 freestyle and killing it!  My problem is that it is SO hard to get a good picture of him swimming it.  I’m grateful that his love is the butterfly because it’s easy to capture his face in that stroke!

Kaylee’s basketball team won the 8th grade championship.  They have an incredible team!


Rebecca’s 7th grade team didn’t win a single game!  I’m going to have to do a post on the girls’ basketball season together.

Anyway, those are bits and pieces of the first part of our February!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snowman Selfie

It started out as a snowman with “Do you want to build a snowman?” being sung by ALL of the sisters.  Then when the masterpiece was completed it turned into a snowman posing selfie kind of day.