Friday, July 31, 2009

Dresser in a Closet

No I am not a cross dresser – I just like to be organized!  Two years ago when my sister moved here she was busy trying to find a small dresser.  I thought that she needed it for her kids, but later saw the dresser in her hall closet, keeping things organized.  I have always been a huge fan of dressers in bedroom closets but hadn’t thought of putting one in a hall closet.  Well, can I just say that I’m a big fan of it now!

closet I have always struggled trying to keep this closet organized, but look how easy it is now.  I have a drawer for gloves, one for hats…etc.  The kids HAVE to hang their coats instead of just throwing them in because there is now a dresser in the way!  I also love how the red knobs and red bins match the decor of that room.   Thanks for the idea Kristy!!

I really have enjoyed all of this cleaning and organizing.  It just feels good to get all these little projects done that have been bugging me.  I’m so excited about the garage, all I need is the ball organizer to come in.  Here the girls are helping me with a little project - touching up the play set with some stain.


Yeahh for cleaning and organizing!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harry Potter

I took Kaylee and the boys to Harry Potter.  It was all about potions, especially love potions.  The kids and I sure got a kick out of all the little jokes.  And once again I sooo enjoyed snuggling my Kaylee. I loved having her explain things to me and hear her little giggle at the funny parts. 


We have also been very busy with Spring cleaning and organizing.  I’m loving it, but I don’t think the kids are as much as I am!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bubbles and Other Fun

Always looking for ways to entertain the clan. Alesha had seen this idea in Family Fun and made the kids save their water bottles from the parade to try it out. They had a blast!



Some did not understand and Inhaled…


Some Exhaled…


Some tried and tried and never quite got it…



Other fun things at Grandma’s this time were learning how to drive (Dalton and Nathan), doing the stilts and pogo stick, playing soccer and basketball, giving Grandma a pedicure (was that a fun thing Alesha?)


playing “Life on the Farm”


Pretending to be Teachers


Pretending to be a Photographer with a photo shoot in mom’s yard of Jori

Jori ED1

Jori ED3

Jori ED111

Just relaxing and pretending to not have a busy life! I love going home.!!!

The 24th Celebration

I’m from a very small Mormon town that REALLY celebrates the 24th of July.  We honor and remember the pioneers.  They sacrificed so much to make the trek to Salt Lake.  For the celebration Sanford starts out with a pageant the night before, then a breakfast early the next morning, followed by a parade.


July 2009 887

Next there is a program with a BBQ afterward.  Then comes the kids pioneer games and the races.  They race all the kids and adults in each age group.  The winner gets to choose a 2 liter of pop and the others get a sucker.  They also have 3-legged races, egg toss, pie eating contests, tug of war, and a greased pig.  You catch the pig, you get the pig!




Kaylee is on the far right.  She shed a few tears when she got a sucker.











Even though everyone is exhausted there still is a family dance that night.  I think the dances are so good for the kids to learn how to dance and see what a dance is like.

The next day is Manassa’s celebration just 7miles down the road.  They have a parade, carnival, rodeo, demolition derby, and motorcross races.  I was a party pooper this year for Manassa’s and went home.  Why?  Because I missed my Jacob!  He was at scout camp all week and was coming home.  I had to be home for him!

So, who’s coming with me next year?

Monday, July 27, 2009







Jerrica LOVES her accessories!  She has worn her visor upside down the entire summer.  If you try and turn it around she freaks out.  Then of course the lovely panty hats that adorn her head.  Well, today she took it a step further by wearing goggles for not just a few minutes, but a few hours!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Ice Cream

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!  And with cousins in town and the amount of kids, we better go to Rosietto’s.  Alesha’s kids couldn’t believe how big the cones were!

Ice Cream2 Ice Cream4jpgIce Cream3jpg Ice CreamIce Cream9

I think we paid $8.75 for 10 cones!!!  You just can’t beat that.  We weren’t too smart though because we took them all shopping with us after they had all that ice cream.  Now that was out of control!!!

Tanya’s Shower

Speaking of cousins, a new cousin is on her way!!!  While Alesha was here we did a shower together for Tanya.  We had a little “Tanya’s about to POP theme”

July 2009 746

She requested fruit pizza and so it was.  We also played a few movie/baby games.  Here is the one where everyone guesses how big Tanya is with movie tickets.

July 2009 748

Tanya got a lot of nice things.  I’m just excited to get a cute little red headed niece!!!

July 2009 752


I have decided that cousins are an extension of a sibling.  There is that close bond because they are family.  Friends may move, but family always comes back. 





My sister Alesha came with her four kids on Monday.  They have had a ball playing with each other.  It’s amazing how much time they spend outside working on their little club.  Jacob is at Scout Camp this week so Dalton and Nathan have played a lot together, from video games to the basketball game 1-2-3.  On Tuesday we went to Focus on the Family.  Her kids have been there before and wanted to do the giant slide.  So off we went …

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family4

Focus on the Family6

Focus on the Family5

Here is the wardrobe for the “Narnia” room.

Focus on the Family2

Focus on the Family3

There were also puppets, dress up, and a stage, which Jerrica LOVED.

Focus on the Family7

Focus on the Family8

We had fun at Focus on the Family!  Nathan happened to have a previously scheduled play date and without Jacob, it was weird to just have the four girls to keep track of.