Sunday, March 30, 2014


Oh how I enjoy my Sundays!  It’s a break from running around.  It’s a rejuvenation to my spirit.  It’s the day of rest that my body needs.

We go to church.  There is always something there for me, that lifts and inspires me.  Sometimes it’s help to an answer or problem that I have been having.  The spiritual uplift I get is energy to my soul.  I don’t know how many times we have been driving home as I’m thinking to myself how much I needed those meetings. 

Treats are always made Sunday afternoons.  Sometimes Stephen bakes cookies and other times the big girls make a treat for us.  Sometimes we take them over to others.  Sometimes we eat every last crumb!

Sunday Cookies We usually go for a walk in the afternoon or play a game as a family.  The games usually bring laughter.  You would think that Chronology wouldn’t even bring a smile, but when you play with these guys, you can’t help but laugh at their view of history.



The girls write letters and write in their journals.  I love when they share their entries with me and hear what their versions of various events are.


Rebecca’s above letter is SO girl, with each paragraph being a different color with her gel pens. :)

At any rate, we are so thankful to have Sundays mixed into our week!

My Eagle Scout


He finished his project last Fall, and then went through the mountains of paper work.  In February they held his court of honor with a huge group of boys from our church.  It was fun to watch the slideshow of all of them together on camp outs when they were younger.  They have grown up together helping and pushing each other along the way.  So proud of all of them!

Eagle Scout Eagle Scout2

Grandpa Don flew in for the weekend.  My parents came up as well.  Grateful for all the support they give to my kids.  It always means so much when they are here for these events!

It was a huge court of honor with all of the family and friends there for everyone.

    Eagle Scout6  Eagle Scout8 Scouts


One boy down and one to go!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A couple more Spring Break Activities

The boys met friends at the park for ultimate frisbee.  Kaylee rock climbed with a friend, and Rebecca played in a Dutch soccer tournament.  There were plenty of other crafts, friend play dates, but I took too long to post and this is all I can remember of the week.  Roller skating with Gabby and the Guitterez family.


We also went to a jump place in Denver with the Wilcox family.




Over Spring break we headed to the Air Force Academy to do a little archery practice as a family.  We had a lesson and then went to the 3D course.  Let me just say some kids are quite a bit better than others.  Archery takes a bit of concentration, which some kids can do and others can not!


I was telling Stephen what a fun date it would be if the two of us went and did the course.  The kids squealed that we can’t do it without them. 

I’m just grateful that we don’t rely on a bow and arrow for our dinner each night.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Random March

We went with the Wilcox girls to see Divergent on the ginormous screen.


Rebecca won the Dutch soccer tournament.  It’s like a tournament of everyone against everyone.  She won this fun Colorado t-shirt.


Team party for Rebecca where they made these cute colorful hair ties.

Hair Ribbon

We brought home a big box of lemons from Arizona.  Ashley was our official juicer and freezer of the juice.  We all raved about the lemonade every time we made some with the frozen bags of juice.  It truly was delicious!


Artist Ash made this cute drawing of President Lincoln for our fridge.


Enjoyed snow days and catching flakes on tongues….


Stephen always makes a batch of cookies on Sundays.  IF you help then you get little bits of deliciousness before the rest of the family.  A sweet Sunday tradition that I don’t want to forget!

Sunday CookiesSunday Cookies1