Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Card

This year’s Christmas card….

Custom CardCustom Card2

That was the front and back of the card.  I thought the paper it was printed on was cool because of the texture and cardstockiness of it.  We actually took it in our backyard with gorgeous Pikes Peak for our backdrop.

Here were a few out takes from our shoot.  We took the family pictures ourselves with a remote.


Love this one of my big girls in the pretty Fall light.


Notice how the girls were game to take additional photos and not the boys. 

One more family pic down in the books!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Broadmoor Ballroom Tree

The Broadmoor had this gorgeous golden tree in their ballroom.  It pulled each of us into the ballroom one by one.  There was just something about the low light in the ballroom and the brightness of this gorgeous tree.

Ballroom Tree2

After the girls would check out the tree, they would sashay around the floor with a twirl her and there.  We all imagined that we were at a fancy Christmas party all decked out like Cinderella.  It was such a beautiful ballroom lit up by this golden tree.

Ballroom Tree3

Bits of Christmas Part ONE

We absolutely LOVE Aunt Lael and she came for Christmas.  I think she is what made Christmas fun this year!  I was sick most of the week, and Lael kept the treats a coming and the games a rolling.


We did one of our favorite countdowns in the old pop box.  Each day a kid chooses a wrapped present from the basket to open and stick in the box.


The big girls took turns doing the elf on the shelf.  It was fun to see their creativity.  Pinterest was their helper!


We did the lame Redbox codes with popcorn for neighbors.


We went to the amazing gingerbread house at the Broadmoor.



We made our own.  Kaylee nailed the icicles!


We did this puzzle again.  It’s 1000 pieces and oh so fun with all of the color.  We sang Disney songs as we would build each character.


Lael’s hard work paid off for the rainbow salad.  It was a huge hit for our Christmas dinner.


Mom was sweet to make cookies and bring up for the kids to ice for Santa.  My parents spent Christmas Eve and part of Christmas day with us.  Keith’s family and mother-in-law came down for our Christmas Eve party.  And before I forget a favorite cousin and his cute family came in from Kansas City, Christmas night and spent the night with us.  LOVE being surrounded by family, especially when they are favorites!


Jerrica and Ashley’s Santa letters.  I had to smile at Jerrica’s, “the elfs are so talintid”  I think that is a little kissing up!


Lael made fancy pretzels and divine gourmet apples for each of us.  I am so mad that I didn’t get a picture of all the apples lined up on the bar for us.  I know that had to have taken her all night!




We had two trees this year thanks to Terry Freeman!  We put the Christ tree in the piano room and then the multi-ornament tree in the living room.  I so enjoy thinking about all of the sweet people that have made and given me ornaments.  It is a full tree on all sides!


LOTS of games were played!  A new one this year was from Aunt Lindsey.  It was Wackee Six and makes you think and move fast.


And that is part one!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Ugly Sweater Work Party

Stephen’s company had a fancy work party with ugly Christmas sweaters as the attire.  I couldn’t believe how many clever sweaters there were at the party!  We looked like this…


I can’t remember what Jerrica’s deal was, and you may wonder where the boys are?  Let’s just say another Christmas party landed on the same night and the boys decided to go to it.

Stephen’s party had yummy food.  The salmon was pretty much downed by me.  All of us got gift cards to different places.  The girls were so excited!

But we must take one last look at those sweaters…



Kaylee’s sweater actually had people popping out of the airplanes on the front and back of the sweater.


Christmas parties are just a little more fun when you can be ugly!

Presents and Packages

The big girls made a fun blanket for my dad this year.  He LOVEs International tractors and we happened to find this fun fleece.


It appeared that the making was just as fun as the giving.


Then Kristy’s family sent a super huge package from Korea.  The kids just knew that it was a big screen TV.


Inside was the neatest rice table.  It’s like a mini card table.  Kristy said that it’s a favorite at their house to do homework, play games, do puzzles….  It really is perfect to get a project or game off the floor for everyone to work on.  In the box there were goodies from Korea of food, crafts, and games.  We LOVED it Aunt Kristy! 


Older Brother

Poor little Jerrica is teased incessantly.  She was sitting, minding her own business when Nathan decided to sit beside her.  Of course he had to give her a hard time about how she was playing her game, and then even tried taking her tablet away!!!

I thought I was capturing a sweet moment between siblings but instead got a realistic interaction.


She had to abandon her chair and find a new spot to play on her tablet.  Nathan didn’t have anyone to tease and moved on to find a new victim.  It went from quiet to wild to quiet again in an instance!