Monday, August 31, 2015

Girls Camp

Girls camp came and went in July.  So grateful that the girls have each other up there.  Of course they had their friends too, but there is just something about a sister that you can always go to!  They were so exhausted when they got home.  Here are a few pics that I got off of Facebook from the leaders…


They came home with super cute crafts, treats from their secret sisters, deeper love for their scriptures, stronger testimonies, and LOTS of stories about everything!

Crush Conversation

The little girls got in the van from school and Jerrica immediately starting talking about a boy in her class.

“Mom, Cade is so creepy.  Every time I look up he is staring at me.”

Ashley, “Jerrica he is not creepy.  He just probably has a crush on you.  And believe me I have experience with this because I have had a lot of boys crushing on me!”

Oh to have the confidence that Miss Ashley has!

Ears Pierced

Ashley has been wanting to get her ears pierced FOREVER!  We have told our girls that ten is that age that they can do it.  Chose ten because then they can take care of them on their own, and it makes the tenth birthday a little more exciting.

Ashley won’t be ten for a couple more months, but we decided to pierce a little early.  I have a feeling that she will be a jewelry girl, especially since she already wears a necklace daily.  These earrings will just be an extension of accessories.


We were excited that the girl doing it had RED hair!


My fashionista IS a fashionista.  I would try and remind her to do her ears each day and would always be met with a “I got this mom!  I’m keeping track on my chart and haven’t missed a day yet”

Yes Ash, I’m sure you do have this like everything else.  You are beautiful!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

“UP” Back to School

I have had a few people message me about the Seven Up Back to School thing we did for our dinner.  Here is the link with the download.  AND here is a cute pic of it …

Then I saw in the New Era a FHE lesson that was also using an UP theme.  So we are planning on doing it this coming Monday.  You can find it in the Sep issue.  It’s an object lesson with egg, salt and water.  You put the egg in the water and talk about being weighed down.  Then by adding a few grains of salt that egg actually lifts.  Of course you point out the salt in your life that can lift you out of despair.  Great lesson!  I wish I could link it but the current lesson is still the August one online.

Anyway, hope that helps you that have asked.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Stephen came home one night with eight tickets to Elitches.  We decided that we wanted to do one last hurrah before school started.  However, I looked at the calendar filled to the brim and thought that there is no way we would be able to go because of our schedule.  I was so determined to make it work though because we don’t have much time left with ALL of our kids together.

I decided that we would leave after high school and club scrimmages on Saturday.  UGHH soccer!!!  That would mean we would get up to Denver at 1:00.  It doesn’t close until 10:00 so I figured we would have plenty of time .

The day before I was talking with the little girls asking them if they were excited to go.  Jerrica said, “Is this all the way in Denver”.  I told her it was and then she said, “Why do we have to go all the way to Denver for burritos?”  Ashley and I smiled at each other as we explained where exactly it was that we were going.  I think it’s funny how we assume everyone in the family knows what we are talking about, but that usually isn’t the case.  After she realized we would be doing rides and not eating burritos, she was super excited.


We actually started out on the water side.  I love this next series of photos of the little girls…


We pretty much stayed together, except for the Minderaser ride.  A little too scary for ME!  The little girls were sweet to stay with me and do other rides.  I’m sure it didn’t scare them!


One of the girls pointed out the mirrors that the workers use and of course I thought it was a great idea to get selfies of ourselves.



The old rickety roller coaster is STILL just that!


I don’t know why we thought it would be a good idea to get wet, even though we knew we were going to be there well into the evening.


Love how Rebecca pushed Stephen into the waterfall part…


Ashley LOVED the swings!  We did them over and over while the kids were on the Minderaser.  The later in the day that it got, the lack of lines there were.  We would get off of these rides and go climb right back on.



My cute lifeguard posing by a sign that he thinks should be law…


The little girls begged their brothers to do the tiny roller coaster.  They of course consented and made those little girls feel like they were the queens of the coaster.



Night was our favorite.  I was a little worried about the crazzies around, but I actually didn’t see any but my own.  In fact there really weren’t any people, so rides were AWESOME without any lines!  I’m guessing since it was so hot during the day that most people did the water side, were tired, and then headed home.

At any rate, we kept going strong.  That meant piggyback rides by the three older siblings.  I tried to get Stephen to carry me to no avail.


This was a favorite at night along with the ferris wheel to see all of the lights around Denver.


It truly was the perfect day! 

I savored every minute with this sweet family of mine.  SOOO grateful that we fit this into our weekend!


We kept doing this ride over and over as the older ones did Minderaser.  As we were standing in line at the swings Ashley told me that we need more days at Elitches, more days of eating cotton candy, more days of swinging, more days pretending to fly, …. and I couldn’t help but think of how I need MORE days with these kids that are growing up so quickly.

Thank you for the incredible day Stephen!!!