Monday, January 30, 2017


I like mixing a lot of different things all into one post so that I can remember them all and not have to make a bunch of entries. I finally finished all of the kids picture books from 2016 just in time to get Jacob’s out to him for Valentine’s Day. I am so grateful to Claudia for always taking packages to Mexico for me! I smiled as I got everything together to send. Only missionaries would be getting candy along with meal packets to make dinners. I actually think that Jacob gets more excited for these seasoning packets than the treats so that he has something to make dinner with. I also found super cheesy, but funny Book of Mormon Valentine's cards that we stuck in a felt heart. Hoping that this will put a big smile on his face!

Missionary Package

Our old white van officially rolled over 300,000 miles. We may have had a little celebration over this and all the kids are now praying that it will make 400,000 miles. I can’t even begin to tell you what a great van this has been. Toyota knows how to make them! We haven’t ever really had to take it in to a mechanic to fix anything either.


I did frown that since Thursday we have already added another 400 miles to it.

I started reading this book….


and proceeded to FINISH reading this book because I couldn’t put it down. My girls all downed it and then Stephen listened to it as he commuted and everyone loved it. Really a good one!

We have been pushing goals this month in FHE and any chance that we get to talk with the kids. I have tried showing different methods to set goals and our fridge has been plastered with quotes on achieving.


Basketball is still in full swing. Last week we had eight basketball games and four indoor soccer. I’m going to be sad when this season of life is over. Jerrica played with the top soccer team for an indoor game. She scored four points and they won 5-1. The coach asked me after the game, “now why don’t we have her on our team”. Jerrica has a really cute basketball coach that will take up an entire post in and of itself.


She is SO competitive that I get a kick out of seeing her eyes get so big and intense.

I was going to add some favorite recipes that we have been eating a lot of lately, but need to organize and fancify them first. Kaylee also has this sweet mom from her team that makes the most amazing treats for the girls. She just shared recipes on Saturday so I will mix those in to.

One last quick thought that I totally believe…


Monday, January 23, 2017

Great Thompson Bake Off

Last Monday we all had off and so plans were made. Stephen and Nathan headed to the slopes to do a little snowboarding together. The girls and I opted to stay warm for the day, however we did need a little treat as well, SO a bake off evolved. Friends were called and ingredients were bought.


We started by watching the Studio C version of the show and all of us pretty much grossed out at her eating the egg shell and all. Then all seriousness began. I literally laughed as I watched the girls take this competition as a very no non-sense bake off.


All teams had to provide the judges with three cupcakes and then bake the rest of the cake batter however they chose to. Everyone could chose a cake mix and a frosting (or they could make their own frosting). I then had all of the extras in the above picture out for their secret ingredients. They could each choose two of those.

The creativity was in full swing. Rebecca had the Andes mints and mixed them in her cake mix and then topped her homemade butter cream frosting with more mints. Ashley took a store bought frosting but chopped in the food processor blackberries and added them to the frosting. The frosting was such a beautiful purple color! Blackberries aren’t that sweet, so mixed with the overly sweet store frosting it was delicious! I think they mixed coconut in their cake mix for their other ingredient, or maybe it was oreos. I can’t remember.


Kaylee’s team made a delicious cream cheese frosting from scratch and then a strawberry glaze to go over the cream cheese frosting. Perfect combination of flavors!


Jerrica’s team was a chocolate chip and nut secret ingredient, so she had them mixed in her cake as well as topping her cupcakes. Out of everyone, Jerrica was by far the most complementary of the bakers. She was so quick with a sweet bit of praise for everyone’s creations.

These are the masterpieces that the judges had to judge. I gave each judge a sheet where they had to rate the presentation, taste, and creativity from 1 to 5. I then tallied up the scores to come up with the winner. We only had one winner and no second, third or fourth. I was grateful that I didn’t have to judge, instead we had friend parents, Stephen and Nathan.


The winners of our Thompson Bake Off were……


It was such a fun day of baking and learning. I’m proud that my big girls can make frostings from scratch without a recipe. I’m proud of the creativity and the sweet complements. I’m NOT proud of the few pounds I put on in this bake off challenge.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Basketball is consuming right now, but I’m loving every minute. Everyday as I pick up the little girls and head to the big girls games, they ask me “When is basketball over, they have already played 100 games”. I reassure them with a grin that there are a few more games until the end of the season. I then dig through my purse to make sure there is enough change for the little girls to get treats at the concession stand to entertain them. Anything with food is better!

Oh how I enjoy watching basketball! There is a sweet dad with a REALLY SWEET camera lens that has been taking a lot of pictures of the girls. Here are some pics to remember these busy basketball days.




Kaylee is underestimated because she is so small, however that girl is pure muscle and strong! These next two pictures show that strength of her pushing through.



Here was Kaylee’s first three pointer of the year. She told me that night, as soon as I got the ball I could just feel that I was going to make the shot. I love that she was mentally into the game and feeling it!


I can see the determination in Kaylee’s face on this one and yes she took off from the free throw line and DUNKED it!


Rebecca showing her hops….



Rebecca is playing on the C team and Kaylee JV.  I feel like basketball season flies by and soccer drags on. The girls have already started playing soccer with the high school girls on an indoor team and with outside open practices. I can’t believe when they stay after school for two hours of soccer scrimmaging and then walk over to the gym and practice for two more hours basketball. Maybe if I worked out that long I would have the muscles that they do.

I’m still trying to persuade them to believe that basketball really is the best sport…….

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sesame Street FHE

Have you heard about the Power of YET?

I found it so fitting to go with our goal theme for January and for this new year. I delved into the book, TED talk AND the Seasame Street song and believe what they are saying is SO true…

"Yet" refers to an implied time, still, even or nevertheless.

Carol Dweck wrote an entire book (Mindset) on the concept of yet. She says that "yet expresses our required patience and belief in one’s self or another person’s abilities to realize that some things are worth waiting for and those things take work, time and don’t always come in the form of anything that could be remotely easy. It’s a “You can do it!” attitude. It’s a type of “hope” that we have, and it’s not easy, but if you really think about it, it is exactly the process that allows for success; the power of YET."

Dweck’s concept is based on the premise that we are all on a learning journey, and that just because you haven’t accomplished a task yet, does not mean that you cannot or should not try and certainly that you should not give up. Your “yet” is coming, your “yet” is not yet here. It’s a type of hope that is instilled in us to not give up. Keep growing, keep moving forward, goals take time to achieve and don't happen over night. We can't stop when things don't go our way, but instead need to add the word YET and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Image result for power of yet

"Yet" gives us that possibility for success, and assures us that this is not the end of what we are trying to do. AND just because Sesame Street is awesome we had to end with this....

I should have ended FHE with a testimony that Sesame Street is true becaue I sure loved that show when my kids were little, but instead I ended with a "Don't Give Up because we have the Power of YET!" Now to add this little three letter word reminder when my kids say they don't know or can't do something.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Young Women’s Medallion

In our church the teenage girls have a program called Personal Progress. They have a series of goals and experiences that they complete. Each value has a 10 hour project that is part of the program. As each goal is achieved the smile grows a little bigger about being a littler closer to the medallion. My cute Rebecca finished the program and received her award in church.


Rebecca has been working hard since she turned 12 to achieve this. Some of her big projects were making a jean quilt, writing letters every Sunday to people for two months, planting her own garden, planning and making meals for our family….. It is great to see all of the skills that she has gained in doing personal progress. What a huge sense of accomplishment and relief to be done! So proud of her!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Traveling Spa

I have a little lady that is making good money right now. She keeps it in her kitty coin purse and is quick to make change. Appointments must be made in her mini bling notebook and then her watch on her wrist keeps her conscientious of the time to stay on track of her appointments.


She does feet, neck and backs. The microwave is quick to heat up a rice pack for those necks before she starts rubbing with her little fingers. Since she has a suitcase she can provide her services anywhere. If you have homework and need a massage in your bedroom, she can be there. I have even heard of her giving discount massages to those having a hard day or in special need. There is always a smile and a “thank you for your business”! Loving Jerrica’s business right now!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Goals FHE

I love a good FHE to kick off the New Year. I think that a FHE filled with stories and object lessons about goals help get everyone going. Now let me clarify that this is MY thinking and obviously not my family’s. This year as I taught the kids I felt like everything was backfiring. I asked the kids what the point of a soccer game would be, if there where no goals. Nathan immediately said that it would then be a fun possession game of soccer. I tried telling them that you couldn’t have a game without the goals and they kept fighting me that possession games were just as fun. (I don’t like soccer. I should have used a basketball analogy)

I then had Nathan keep his eyes on a $20 bill as he walked to get my scriptures from the kitchen counter. I was trying to show how hard it was to get something if your eyes weren’t focused on the object. Of course Nathan took it as a challenge and made it look WAY too easy looking at the $20 and quickly grabbing my scriptures. There went my “keeping your eyes on your goal”!

I couldn’t take it anymore!

Goal Night2

I had planned on a little activity with everyone and quickly dispensed with the lesson and moved on with the next part. Why can’t the kids ever cooperate and make the lesson that I plan work out like I intend! Anyway, I copied some invites online that were for personal progress and made them work for our FHE by changing text.

The kids put on their PJ’s and we all piled in the van. I realized that everyone was hungry and that’s what we needed was food. Everything is always better once stomachs are full.

However, once again my plans were all sabotaged when we got to IHOP because all goal talk went out the window and cards came out, with games ensuing.


Still “trying” to pursue my lesson from Monday, I sent out group texts to my fam with meme’s and quotes throughout the week about goals, to which I didn’t get a single response, comment, text, feedback, NOTHING!!!!

I think I give up! If they don’t achieve goals in 2017, they can’t say I didn’t try!!!! Tomorrow I’m putting Stephen in charge. We shall see if they will listen to their dad.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Take a Chance

I went to the post office to mail a package to Jacob down in Mexico. The post office is also a little country store in Blackforest. The woman ahead of me was busy picking lottery tickets. She bought $50 in tickets! After she walked out the door I started talking to the mail lady about all that money wasted in tickets.

She replied, “Maybe she feels like she has a chance in winning, everyone takes a chance”

I then handed her my package and started filling out the customs sheet. She quickly told me that she needed to make me aware that the majority of packages do not make it to their destinations in Mexico. I let her know that I was aware of the postal situation there and it was fine. I didn’t have anything valuable in the package. After a few minutes she totaled my postage and let me know that it would be $30.

She then added, “Are you sure you want to spend $30, knowing that it won’t make it’s destination?”

I let her know, “I’m going to take the chance because if it does, this package will be a fun surprise for my son”


We then both laughed at how people spend their money and take chances in different ways. As I walked out, I thought of how I had rolled my eyes at that woman for wasting $50 and am sure she would have rolled her eyes at me for paying shipping on a package that won’t even make it. YET, it’s that hope and faith our money was well spent on what we desired. Maybe she will have a million dollars in her bank account next week and maybe I will have a son with a million dollar smile from his treats sent from home.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Don’t Let Them Pass You By

I LOVE a new year filled with a fresh start! In church we sang the following hymn and it reached out to my heart. The lyrics ring true to me….

Improve the shining moments;
Don't let them pass you by.
Work while the sun is radiant;
Work, for the night draws nigh.
We cannot bid the sunbeams
To lengthen out their stay,
Nor can we ask the shadow
To ever stay away.

2. Time flies on wings of lightning;
We cannot call it back.
It comes, then passes forward
Along its onward track.
And if we are not mindful,
The chance will fade away,
For life is quick in passing.
'Tis as a single day.

3. As wintertime doth follow
The pleasant summer days,
So may our joys all vanish
And pass far from our gaze.
Then should we not endeavor
Each day some point to gain,
That we may here be useful
And ev'ry wrong disdain?

4. Improve each shining moment.
In this you are secure,
For promptness bringeth safety
And blessings rich and pure.
Let prudence guide your actions;
Be honest in your heart;
And God will love and bless you
And help to you impart.

Text and music: Robert B. Baird, 1855-1916

As I work on photo books from 2016, I see so many cherished memories from the year. I look at pictures feeling like the events were just yesterday, yet see that they were months ago. I am SO grateful for photos and how they can bring a memory back to the mind. We are lucky to live in a day and age to be able to record everything around us. Our phones are attached, which means a camera is always on us.

I’m determined to not let the moments pass me by this year. Like the song says, “life is quick in passing, and if we aren’t mindful and aware the moment will fade away”. We “can’t call back time” but instead MUST take advantage of the here and now!

I’m excited for the new moments and memories of 2017 to fill my photo books!