Monday, October 31, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

We had a fun weekend with the Halloween party, carving pumpkins, and then Stephen also took the kids to the Coffin Races.  I wish I had pictures from the Coffin Races.  There must have been an amazing Cruella Devil there, with a team dressed up as Dalmatian dogs because that is what Ashley has her heart set on for next Halloween.  She even wants Jerrica to dress up as a Dalmatian dog.

Anyway, here is our carving this year.  I handed out prizes for “Best Eyelashes, Happiest Jack-o-Lantern, Most Scars, Best Animal Silhouette…” 

Nathan had like three votive candles in his, thus the transparent, glowing pumpkin.  He wanted to make sure the little pumpkin could be seen.Pumpkins2Ed Pumpkins3 Pumpkins5Nathan’s mini pumpkin that his big pumpkin is eating.

Pumpkins6Pumpkins7 Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is so messy, but always so fun for the kids to create.  We were extra excited this year that we grew our own pumpkins!

This morning the little girls ate breakfast with their little Jack-o-Lanterns.  Their conversations with them made me smile.  Inanimate objects just come alive as they give them personality and dialogue.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Party

The red riding hood was tied with a bow…

Ash Halloween

The wig was applied just right…

Jerra Halloween3

The eye patch was placed over the “bad” eye…

Kaylee Halloween 

Poms poms were grabbed AND shaked…

Becca Halloween 

Costumes came to life. 

Halloween Halloween2

I’m just sad that my boys aren’t little super heroes anymore.  When did they get old enough to run off with friends wearing scary masks?!?!  Time just goes too fast!

Sure enjoyed this Halloween party Saturday, chili and all!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Ref

Last weekend Stephen and I took Nathan on a date night to watch his soccer coach play in a semi’s game.  We got snacks from Sonic, and all snuggled in the front of the van to watch the game.  It was a cold night, but so fun to enjoy with Nathan.  That boy just loves soccer.

He has also been reffing games to earn money, and it has been good money for him.  Stephen usually takes him.  This week I was able to sneak a peak at them because they were at the same field as Rebecca’s game. 


He is a side ref for older age groups, and then a center ref for younger kids.  I have always thought that Nathan was cute with little kids.  He is good to explain rules to them, and encourage them.

Ref Ref2 

I never thought that I would take pictures of a ref.  :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Treats

I LOVE Fall desserts!  There are certain recipes that I only make in the Fall.  Yes, I could make them any time of the year, but they just fit the Fall season. 

The other night I brought Kaylee and Nathan home from practice and the others were gone to the library.  The three of us decided to make carmel apples for a treat for FHE.

Carmel Apple

There is just something about apples and pumpkins in desserts.  Make them warm with whip topping and it’s perfect for a cold day.  Here is another dessert that my cute friend Brittany gave me years ago.  It is quick, easy, and another perfect treat for this time of year….

Bag Popcorn

Thursday, October 27, 2011


We went out to make a snowman today…


Two hours later he had fallen over and was in the process of melting.  Jerrica was quite sad that the sun was destroying him.  She went on lashing out at the sun by saying, “I hate the sun, he melts my snowman and he burns my skin.”

We warmed up with hot cocoa….


I sure love my afternoons with this little girl!!!

Bumps, Rough Roads and Curves

We went on a bike ride during Fall Break.  It was on a little dirt trail.  As we rode our bikes a train whistled by.  It was loud and awesome.

Bike Ride

As we went down the trail there were signs warning of bumps or rough spots ahead.  Sure enough, just after a sign we would find a big bump in the trail.  Because of the sign, we were warned and had prepared for it by slowing down.

I wish life had signs warning of bumps, curves or rough roads ahead.  Then we too could slow down and prepare for them.  I feel like sometimes I am going full speed when I hit a bump, and then the fall is a hard one.  Sometimes in life there is just nothing to prepare you for what is ahead.  We can strengthen ourselves so that we are strong enough to endure the rough road and bumps.  Sometimes I wonder though, if I am strong enough to endure them.

I talked with some of the kids as we rode about this. We talked about how even though we don’t have signs popping up to warn us of upcoming things in our life, we do have plenty of warnings from parents and teachers.

I still want a little life sign to pop up and warn me.  :)

Girls Night

The big girls had games in Denver on Saturday.  One in the morning and one in the late afternoon.  I was excited to spend the day with them, but anxious to get home for a Girls’ Night out with friends.  The girls and I went to the huge American Girl Doll store, checked out Justice, grabbed some lunch and visited Aunt Jodee.  Then we headed up to the north side of Denver for Kaylee’s game.  By the time it was over traffic was horrible and it was late.  I looked at the time and knew that we weren’t going to be back in time for me to go with my friends.  I then looked at my two girls giggling in the back and knew that THEY were my girls night out.


We dodged the traffic and headed to Chili’s.  The girls were so giggly.  I think that part of it, was them being so tired from their games.  I so enjoy their VERY different personalities.  It is fun to hang out with them.  I’m glad that THEY were my night out!

A big thanks for Stephen running Jake over to a football party, Nathan to a paintball party, Nathan to his games that he was reffing, and dealing with the little girls.  You are awesome Stever!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Picnics

When the weather is in the 70’s, the girls only have half days on Fridays, and we need to eat a lunch, we HAVE to HAVE picnics in the park.

FallishFallish2 Fallish3 I snapped just a few pics to capture the moment, then I tucked the camera away to be the fun mom.  Pushing kids in swings, listening to girls giggling, watching Jerra use her light saber branches to destroy any low hanging leaves, hearing Ash sing as she crushes the leaves, it just makes me smile to be a mom!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


This is the time of year that instead of working in the yard or garden, I’m inside sewing.  I LOVE to sew!  I try really hard to give as many homemade Christmas gifts that I can.  My kids always get at least one from me that is homemade.

Today I made Rebecca a new church bag.  She was having a hard time fitting her scriptures AND journal AND mini hymn book in her old bag.  I saw this fabric and it was just soooo Rebecca, and now it is Rebecca’s bag….


I put a little pocket on the inside to hold her mini hymn book and two slots for pencils.


It was quick and fun to make.  She also likes to keep our little Mormonad Booklet in her bag.  SO, I just ordered all of the postcard sets to make her, HER very own booklet.  My kids have so enjoyed this little booklet over the years.  Little do they know they are learning valuable messages as they look through it. :)

 image image

My other sewing project today was an ipod cover.  I just used soft fleece to make the cover and then couldn’t resist adding a fun face on the outside. 


I need to pick up an ipod apps gift card to slip inside the soft case.

My last sewing project was Ashley’s Halloween costume.  I LOVE how it turned out!  I’m excited for her to wear it.  She is going to be Little Red Riding Hood.  She told me that she “wants” to wear Jacob’s wolf mask under her cloak.  Uh NO…. can’t she just be a regular, cute, little girl?!?!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Girl…

Sure love this girl….


I wonder what she is going to do or say that is going to make me smile tomorrow.  You just never know with Ash!

Spider Buckets

Jerrica and I have been busy in the afternoons with Halloween projects.  Today we went up to the big kids bedrooms, tidied  them up, and left a little candy bucket on their pillows.  Jerra helped glue all of the googly eyes on the notes.  She was SOOO excited for the kids to come home, and as soon as they walked in the door she literally started yelling for them to go check their bedrooms.

She cracks me up in this picture, trying to look like the spider on the bucket…

Spider Buckets

Spider Buckets2Spider Buckets3

Everyone enjoys a little surprise every once in awhile.

Anderson Farms

We went to Anderson Farms WITH Stephen this year.  Everything just seems more fun with dad!

Pumpin Patch2 Pumpin Patch3

My back is STILL not doing very well.  I sat there watching my family on the bumpy wagon ride feeling so sad that I couldn’t do it with them.

anderson Anderson2  Pumpin Patch5 Pumpin Patch6ED Pumpin Patch7

Kaylee was the only picture I took of the barrel train.  Jerrica loved the barrel train and kept begging to always do it.  I’m mad that I don’t have any pictures of her in it.

The kids love playing tag on top of the big hay bale maze.  I’m always scared that someone is going to fall and break a leg…

 Pumpin Patch8Haystack Haystack2 Haystack3 Haystack4   Pumpin Patch10

The kids love the cart and track.  Stephen was a little tooooo into it!

Anderson3 Anderson4 Anderson5 Anderson6 Anderson7 Anderson8 Anderson9 Anderson10 Anderson11

Pumpin Patch11 Pumpin Patch12ED Pumpin Patch14 Pumpin Patch15 Pumpin Patch16

Yes, I take a TON of pictures, but I just don’t want to forget perfect days like these!