Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christ Countdown

I have always loved a good countdown, especially at Christmas time.  I can remember making the red and green paper chains as a child.  We have quite a few countdowns – LINK

This year my sister Alesha called me up and told me about a countdown she had put together.  It sounded perfect for the season.  She had found youtube video clips (nothing over 2 mins) and scriptures to represent Christ’s life.  She also had plenty of ideas for treats and pictures to go along with the countdown.


I immediately was all into doing this!  I thought it would be fun to put on the kids’ pillow each night so that they could use it as part of their nightly scripture study.  The kids’ LOVE youtube so the videos were a plus!


Some of them contain challenges to do such as “texting five people that you love them”, or “make someone smile today”…

The treats range from a candy cane, to a bag of goldfish for the “Fisher of Men”, to a loaf of bread for the miracles day.  Speaking of which is tomorrow, so I need to get baking or head over to Kneaders.


The church has a slew of pictures that can be downloaded and printed for personal use.  I had fun finding pictures that would match some of the days. 

I feel that if I’m feeding my kids visually, physically, and making them actually DO things that they will learn.  They will be fed and find the true meaning of Christmas.


Thanks for the countdown Alesha!  Our home has been filled with wonderful conversations of Christ.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nativity Painting

A few days ago for a family activity I got out paint and paper.  I told the kids that EVERYONE was participating and then they could have a special treat.  Here is the LINK to what we were trying to create.

Nativity Painting

Each of the kids’ paintings were so different even though we were using the same colors and instructions.  I absolutely loved hearing their conversations as they painted away.  I’m grateful the older ones humored me with the project.  I’m grateful that they were there so the younger ones could learn from them.  These projects are fun for younger ones, but can be somewhat of an inconvenience for the older ones.  However, when they are all together it is a time of learning and loving.

Anyway, just had to share.  SO thrilled to add these to our Christmas decorations to pull out each year.  Someday Kaylee’s kids will come to our house and see this special painting hanging up.

Ashley’s 10th Birthday

Ash had another birthday.  This year was a family year.  This also was the year she could get her ears pierced.  She had it done a couple of months before her birthday, which we were informed was not fair because the older girls had to wait until their birthday.

The big girls soon lost their resentment and were quick to help me make a fun cake for her birthday.  I started to worry as they were downing the vanilla wafers that we wouldn’t have any left for the table on the cake.


Ashley has always loved fashion.  She has notebook after notebook filled with pictures.  If we ever see anyone that is stylish, Ashley is quick to go up and let them know with a sweet compliment.

A few weeks ago Ash had a mall party.  I told her at breakfast about a dress that I thought would be cute to wear.  She informed me that she already had an outfit picked out for the occasion.  I smiled as I saw what she had put together.  We of course had to take a couple of pictures since her birthday was just around the corner.


Besides being a fashionista, she also enjoys dance, acting, violin, and piano.  Ashley has always loved reading and can usually be found with a book in her hand.  Harry Potter has been a favorite.  I wish that I had the money.  I would fly her and I down to Florida for a Harry Potter trip together!

Ash is also an American Girl doll crafter and Lego lover.


I am always surprised at how mature she is socially.  She can read people and understand them.  Her comments are spot on with others.  My favorite is how she is so genuine with her compliments.


We are so lucky to have Ashley in our family!  Love you to the moon!