Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas Eve with all the kids in their new PJ's. Ashley was so cute. She was thrilled and screamed, "New Jamies!!!" Then as each one kept opening theirs she continued with her"WOW you got new jamies too!!" It was just cute how excited she was for each of them.
This year Jerrica loved getting under the tree and hiding. She always looked like such a cute little present hiding down there.
We always do doughnuts on a string on Christmas Eve. I think it's actually a Halloween thing, but we have done it as one of our games since the boys were little.
Of course we do the Thompson Family chimes to the Christmas carols. We read and acted out the nativity but I was videotaping and didn't get any pictures. This year we had two Marys. Rebecca and Kaylee BOTH had to be Mary.
Here is a shot of our graham cracker gingerbread house day. The kids were so creative with their candy.
Rebecca was really into getting fancy for Christmas. She was quite upset that I didn't have a Christmas outfit or shirt for her to wear. I gave her the special Santa hat, but that would not do. We had to curl her hair as well and put on red lipstick. She is always so into getting fancy.
When I was a little girl we would always make our beds right after we opened presents and then run spread our loot out on our bed. Mom would take a picture ot us and all our gifts for our scrapbooks. I even remember Grandma Jackie and aunts coming down to see our beds. Anyway, I kept this tradition with our kids. It's good to get everything in their rooms and then layed out so they can play with their stuff during the day. Anyway, here are a couple pictures of my kids with their beds and then me when I was little.
Jerrica's christmas bed picture. She loved her talking push car. The girls took the elephant Webkinz from Jerrica, since she is "just too little to really do it"

The girls christmas bed. Kaylee got a 10 pixel digital camera. She is quite the photographer. The family got the Wii Fit game. Kaylee was our champion hula hooper and was constantly trying to beat her record. Sadly enough, she was incredible sore the next day. Her hips and stomach REALLY hurt her. I think I may need to do that game daily!!!

Each one of the kids get ONE big gift from Santa and then the rest are from us. Here is what each of them got from Santa. Rebecca got a karaoke machine. She constantly is singing!!!
Nathan got Guitar Hero and his Star Wars Unleashed games.
Jacob got the Spore computer game.
Ashley got her princess bike that she has been talking about for weeks now.
Some of the models that the boys made out of Legos.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crafty Cari

Tonight Cari Burgess came to drop off Christmas presents. The girls and I were thrilled. She had made me a scarf that perfectly matches my coat. I LOVE the scarf. It is so soft. She also made a ton of hair bobbers for the girls. The were so excited and immediately had to have them in their hair. She had made Christmas ones at the first of the month that the girls HAD to wear to school. Cari is always so good to make these bobbers for the young women to wear at girls camp. Thank You Cari!!! You're awesome!!!

Christmas Parties and More Games

This week the kids had their last week of school and their Christmas parties. Can I say that was a nightmare in itself trying to keep track of what each one needed and making sure the teacher's gifts were all set to go. Kaylee had to take 2lbs of uncooked rice for a snowman project, Nathan 1 pound of hard candy .... It was just so many random things. One room mom left a message of something to bring to one of the parties and didn't leave the grade or teacher's name on the message. I thought "how on earth am I supposed to know who needs what and when" I think keeping track of all these kids is making me crazy!!! At any rate the parties were fun. Both Stephen and I were able to go to them. It is so nice to have him work from home so that he can go into the school for their various parties and activities.
I thought that basketball games were over, BUT I was wrong! Kellie, Kristy and I decided to take our girls to the Pinecreek HS girls basketball game this week. A lady that we play with, Lori, has a daughter that plays on the team. The girls were excited to go and all of us moms had fun visiting and watching the game. Kellie's daughter, Hannah, leaned over during the game and said, "You know my mom used to play down there on the court." It's just fun to take your kids to sports or activities that you love. I just hope that one of my six has a love for basketball like I do!!!

Then Mr. Stephen had tickets to the CC Tigers Hockey game, but got sick last minute so I took them instead. I had a blast on my date with the boys. I asked them if they were going to take their dates as they got older to hockey games. Nathan quickly replied that he wasn't because it's too expensive. He is just going to take them to the Dollar Theater. I'm sure that's going to go over well with the girls. Nathan has always been so tight with his money. He always has the most money of our kids as well!!!

One last music note, the kids had their recital this week. I forgot to take my camera though. They played very well and are excited for a holiday break from the piano. Stephen and I also went on a date this week to go and hear some of my young women sing in their high school choir at Pinecreek. They were sooo incredible. I couldn't believe how fun the accapello groups were and how beautiful the harmonies were in the large group choirs. We had a fun night listening to the songs and also seeing a few old friends!!!

Another fun event this week was a lunch over at Kim's house. She had picked up some delicious salads from Mimi's Cafe. We also are doing another family this year, so all of us divided up needs and wants a family in need. We are going to meet at Jamica's this week to do our late night drop off.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Music and Basketball

The girls have been practicing their Christmas songs for weeks now in their little angelic voices. I really enjoyed the first graders sing "All I want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth" They looked so cute up there missing their teeth and whistling as they were singing.

We also took the four older kids, along with the Madsen's and Spillane's to a retirement home to play their Christmas songs for them. Jacob sounds incredible! He memorized "Jesus Man Desiring". Nathan played "Carol of the Bells". I think I can hear it ringing in my ears as I type this as much as he plays it!!!!!

Jacob, Nathan, Kaylee, and Rebecca have all just finished winter basketball. They each have improved in so many ways. I'm so proud of their shooting form and hustling. It was fun for the girls to play on the same teams with their cousins. I'm just getting sad that the cousins are moving!!! Stephen and I sure enjoy Saturday games. It's tricky coordinating all the games and times with friend birthday parties mixed in. Anyway, the medals have been passed out and games are over until February.

HAIR!!!! I really don't want to add this because it makes me sad, BUT I do need to document it. Wednesday night I had Young Women's as usual. You would think that I would be recieving blessings for doing my calling with all of the time that I put into it ... NOOO I sure didn't on this past Wednesday. First off, we went caroling and somehow a rock was flipped up and cracked my windshield. Then, I get this call from Stephen to forewarn me about Ashley's hair. Let me mention first that Ashley gets LOTS of compliments on her hair. It is very thick and goes all the way down her back. Well, let's just say she's a little on the mullett side now. She cut off her side braid and then a big chunk behind her ear. Thanks to the thickness we are doing long hair pull overs like the bald men do. And then of course the cute knit hats with flowers and bows that once again give her a lot of attention. My mom called asking her about her hair, she immediately said, "Yeah, I cut my hair and mom says that I'm ugly" I will post a picture of her this week.

Christmas Preparations

One night this week we made ornaments with the kids (Kristy's kids too) The girls made bead snowflakes, which were a NIGHTMARE!!! Then the boys and Makayla made these cute hedgehog pinecones that we tied jute on so that we could hang them on the tree. The three year olds did pom pom candycanes and I think they had more glue on themselves than on the candycanes. The kids always beg to do projects, but in the middle of them I sure wonder why!!! Hands down though the hedgehogs were the easiest and turned out the cutest!!

My sister Kristy was determined to find something to put money in for the kids' stockings. As kids, my mom would always stick in this cardboard candycane thing that had slits for quarters. We called banks, thought of making some and then found this cute reindeer holder out in blogland, http://www.mylittlemochi.typepad.com/ . We whipped out 12 in an hour one night. We had fun laughing because it was so late. And can I just say I LOVE whoever invented the glue gun, that sure makes crafting FASTER!!!

It seems like every winter we have plenty of snow days where school is canceled. The kids of course are thrilled - Shauna not so much. It just kind of throws the entire day off because I was not planning on having the kids home. I schedule and have things for the kids to do on planned days, but these unexpected days just mess the whole schedule up. Anyway, this week we had a snow day, AND since we are in December I actually had a few projects to keep them busy. The girls made paper chain count downs and the boys dipped chocolate covered pretzel sticks. I think Nathan ate more than he made!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sister Weekend

This week we took family pictures because we haven't done that since Jerrica was born. Plus it's that time of year to send out Christmas cards!!! I put the family picture in the cards, but wanted to post this cute one of the kids on the blog. Aunt Racquelle helped us find matching dresses for Janie's wedding. And can I just say it's hard to get six kids decked out for a picture and all smiling and looking at the camera!!!!!

Nathan was not quite so smiley. He was sick when we took the picture. Infact, all six kids got sick one at a time this last week. They had a fever and felt achey for 24 hours and then were fine.
Alesha flew in from Utah Thursday for a little sister's get together. We played basketball together with friends there at the YMCA on Friday. Afterwards, Alesha shared some favorite salad recipes that we made for lunch. They were sooo yummy. The one is a warm salad that you saute garlic in olive oil and then add spinach leaves and portobello mushrooms. As soon as the spinach starts looking a little wilty you take it off the heat and add feta cheese. It was so divine. Anyway, we also did this cute stocking advent calendar that can be seen here: (scroll down to the stocking one) http://www.skiptomylou.org/page/3/ I'm excited for the kids to start it tomorrow. We also watched a movie together and went shopping at Kohl's. We enjoyed laughing and visiting with each other. Can't you come again this next weekend Alesha???

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


YEAHHH!!! We finished our puzzle that we started over the Thanksgiving break. It is such a fun puzzle because of all the colors. We enjoy going to the balloon festival here in the Springs each year and this puzzle reminds us of the balloon launch. It's also a challenge with the 1000 pieces. I love doing puzzles. Nathan and Kaylee love working on them as well. My grandma Jackie would ALWAYS have a puzzle up to work on. She had hundreds of puzzles. I look back now and see how wise she was to always have a puzzle going. People would sit down to visit and would get hooked on the puzzle. I know everyone stayed a little longer than they would have to find and put in a piece. I've already decided that I'm going to have a puzzle going when I'm older so that friends and family will stay longer to visit. Even doing this balloon puzzle, it was fun to visit with each of the kids as we worked on it.