Friday, December 30, 2011

Tie Gift

Stephen’s parents are getting ready to serve a mission.  SO I thought it would be fun to give Don some new ties.  I had each of the kids make their “own” tie for him with a sweet note on the back to their grandpa.  Their notes to him were so cute.  Kaylee commented on how if she were stranded in the wilderness somewhere, she would want Grandpa Don with her because he knows so much about plants and animals.  Jacob’s Christmas tie drawing was amazing.  He is so talented!


Anyway, the ties were a hit!  Special notes to loved ones always have a way of touching those that receive them.

Gingerbread Houses

I wonder how much frosting and candy is consumed when we do our gingerbread houses.  It must be a lot because the kids are always wayyyy giddy. 

Gingerbread Gingerbread2 Gingerbread9 Gingerbread3 Gingerbread4 Gingerbread5 Gingerbread6 Gingerbread7 Gingerbread8

The little girls made one, the big girls made another, and I don’t know what to call the boys creation other than something LOADED with candy to eat at a later time.  I always save a little Halloween candy to add into the variety of candy for the kids to use.  I wish that I would have taken a picture of all of the finished creations.  We sure had fun making them!

Fort Building

Lael flew in first and helped us build a fort to attack all of the others that were coming.  We had the snowball maker going strong.

FortFort3 Fort4 Fort5 Fort6 Fort7 Fort8 Fort9

At first I didn’t think that chances were high that the kids would be out there to use their snowballs and attack those coming, BUT I was wrong!  When Aunt Jodee pulled up with Grandma Brenda, Grandpa, Janie and Andrew the kids were in full attack mode.

Minute to Win It Games

We all went up to the church and played different Christmas Minute to Win it Games.  Everyone had a partner to compete in the games with.  I enjoyed watching the various pairs working together.

Minute to win it4

Minute to win It Minute to win it2 Minute to win it3 

Minute to win it5

Minute to win it6 Minute to win it7

I only took a few pictures of the games.  Aunt Janna then started up a fun marshmallow fight.  They ARE softer than snowballs and a lot of fun for everyone.

 Minute to win it8

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Family Fun

We have been enjoying all of Stephen’s side of the family that came for the holidays (24 people to be exact).  Lots of laughs, lots of food, lots of people, and lots of fun.

 Papa2 Papa3 Papa

Today the last of the family flew out.  I can’t believe how fast the week went by.  We had a fun holiday with the house FULL of family.  My kids sure didn’t lack for attention, and I ALWAYS had someone to visit with.

Thanks for coming Thompson’s!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Getting Ready

We are getting ready for Christmas.  We have a lot of family coming into town, which has meant lots of cleaning and last minute projects.  The kids keep asking when everyone will get here so that they can stop cleaning.  ;)

Ash Nativity

The weekend was filled with basketball and indoor soccer games.  I ran into my friend Petra at one of them and she wanted me to share the link to the Luca Strong website –  It has so much information, that can protect your family.  Check it out.

Anyway, I’m off to clean…..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Friend Giving

Years ago, my good friend Kim and I decided that instead of buying for each other, we would take the money and buy something for a family or person  in need.  image

First off, what a relief to not have to figure out what to give someone that already has everything!

We usually plan who we are doing and what we should give.  One year we went to lunch and then shopped together for the family we chose.  Another year Kim put all of the gifts in a big Santa sack, and as I watched her sneaking up to the house with the pack over her back I just couldn’t quit smiling.  One year we did it with other friends and were actually able to put the presents under the Christmas tree of the family in need.

Giving with a friend, to someone who is “really” in need is indeed the spirit of Christmas!  Now instead of gifts from Kim each Christmas, I have a lot of wonderful memories.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


These mini snack containers are awesome!


I buy big boxes of crackers, cookies, trail mix, jerky, M&M’s… and then divide them in these perfect portion containers.  The kids can grab them quickly for lunches, afterschool or sports snacks.  I can then wash and reuse the containers.

Jerrica has helped me fill them this year.  It’s “her” job.  I think she enjoys doing it because she can steal a few treats. :)  We then toss them in the snack bin in the pantry along with other fruit snacks and prepackaged treats.  It’s just nice that the kids can grab them quick.

You can even set jello in them, add pudding or applesauce.  It is so much cheaper, AND the containers are reuseable.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Update

We made cut out cookies.


Cookies4 Cookies5 

We made paper count down chains.

Chain Chain2

We listened to the Middle School Christmas concert.


We laughed and giggled as we “elfed ourselves”.  I can’t believe how that is turning into a tradition we do every year.


We played basketball and indoor soccer games.

We went to Stake Conference sessions and were so uplifted by the talks.  Elder Richard G Scott came and inspired me with so many of his thoughts.  I LOVE conferences because they fill me with renewed energy.

We drove around singing Christmas songs and looking at Christmas lights Sunday evening.

We are ready for a new week!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shaving Cream Snowman

There are so many fun Christmas projects I want to share, but I don’t want “certain” eyes to see the projects before Christmas.  I’m still deep cleaning this house.  I love washing curtains and scrubbing light fixtures because it makes the house feel so clean.  Yet, at the end of the day you can’t really tell what I did all day.  Anyway, little Miss Jerrica always needs attention in the afternoon.  I get her going on a project and then I can keep going on my projects.

This shaving cream snowman was perfect.  She spent an HOUR making them.  I drew big circles on paper and she proceeded to fill them in with “snow”.  The texture and aroma just make it a fun project.  You mix equal quantities of glue and shaving cream together.  It dries hard and thick. 


I cut out a few things for her to glue on her finished snow painting, and THAT kept her busy for another HOUR.  Here is “one” of her masterpieces.

Snowman Snowman2 

She loved sharing them with everyone.  BUT of course all the girls thought they needed to make their own, which brought out tears from Jerrica because the “snow paint” is only for mommy’s school and THEY don’t go to mommy’s school!

Anyway, I pinned the project in Pinterest.  You can find it HERE on the Oopsey Daisey blog.


Just a few random things all wrapped in one post.

We finished our Thanksgiving puzzle.  It was 1,000 pieces, and I believe it was a miracle that not one single piece was missing.  Grandma Jackie would always have a puzzle out because people sit down to work on it and get pulled in.  I sure enjoy any chance I get visiting with my family!  Puzzles are my secret trap during the holidays.


It was all Disney characters.  You can find it HERE.  I’m excited to try a Wasgij for our Christmas puzzle.

I had a hard time taking down our Thankful poster.  Jerrica’s random letters and Ashley’s words and spelling make me smile.  It was good to see what we are thankful for.


I ran into the dollar store today and saw a shelf of Nutcrackers.  I grabbed one.  I put it on Rebecca’s pillow along with a note in her Mom and Me journal about her performance.  When she got home from school and found her prize, you would have thought that I had bought her the moon.  BUT no, it was only a dollar.  The joy in her face was priceless though.


I’m also LOVING our Christmas tree.  It’s gold with white, and filled with 15 different pictures of Christ.  Christ is the real meaning of Christmas, so why not have a Christ tree.

Jerrica did ask if Santa will put presents under a Christ tree.  I think Ashley keeps Jerrica’s head filled with all kinds of things to worry about.


I took the kids to a Creche Exhibit last Friday night.  There were soooo many different types.  I loved the sweet, peaceful feeling as we walked around all of the tables.  I came home grateful for all of my different sets that I have acquired over the years.  One of my favorites is a miniature silver one that mom gave me last year.  LOVE this poem that I have framed by it…

“It may seem like a small and simple nativity, but it symbolizes the greatest event in the Earth’s history-  Jesus Christ’s birth.  The light that once shone on a manger, still brightens the world from afar.  And listening hearts still hear angels, and wise men still follow a star”    Ellis Rowsey

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rebecca’s Nutcracker Performance

Rebecca was a mouse for the battle scene and also a Russian dancer.  She told me that she LOVES the lights and all of the people that come to watch.


I HATE mice, but sure think my Rebecca mouse is cute!


Of course getting to put on make-up and help friends with their make-up is an added bonus.

Becca3  Dance2 Dance3Watch out Broadway!

As Rebecca was prancing around the stage,  Kaylee was in Denver with friends playing in a basketball tournament.  She played FOUR basketball games on Saturday!


These girls are just soooo different!