Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Sports Pics from January


The boys played on a Y team made up of their seminary friends, Nathan played on the school C team, Kaylee on the 7th grade team, Rebecca on Coach Bray’s SOCO team, Jerrica on a Y team, and then both girls played indoor for their soccer teams.



Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine’s Ideas

I LOVE my husband and especially LOVE this time of year to shower him with appreciation.

I grabbed these cute cards in the dollar section at Target.  I thought that they would be perfect to put notes on for a scavenger hunt date night around town OR I could write about eight different characteristics that I like about Stephen in eight heartfelt notes OR I could write eight different activities on each card.  The possibilities are endless for only a dollar!

Vday2Stephen is a foodie and loves his snacks.  I couldn’t resist printing up this cute list from The Dating Divas.  Then one afternoon Jerrica and I picked up the list of snacks and  got them all ready for February.  I think daily gift giving is so much easier when you have everything ready to go on day one, and all you need to do is set it out each day.  Life is busy!


I do need to pick up a Village Inn banana pie for the first day.  I’m excited to have a little treat to set out each day for him.  Holidays are AWESOME!!!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Nathan Basketball

Poor kids picked #40 for his jersey.  He soon realized that the higher number meant the bigger the size.  It was HUGE!  He felt like he had to play with a shirt under until the coach finally saw what was going on and gave him #4! 


He worked hard all season!  Yet still professes his love to soccer.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jake’s Colored Pencil Masterpiece

In art class Jacob had to take a picture of something that had dimension.  He then had to reproduce the picture using colored pencil.  I thought what a cool project.  Little did I realize that Jacob was going to choose the largest size AND how much time it was going to consume.

Books    Colored Pencils2 Colored Pencils3 Colored Pencils4 Penci2lColored Pencils5 Colored Pencils6   

Jake's Colored Pencil

The detail in the creases of the book and sheen on the cover of Fablehaven were amazing.  They just had an Arts Assembly at school.  This was featured at the assembly and Jake was recognized.  He just amazes me at his talent!

Oldest and Youngest

These two have such a cute bond with each other.  Ten years in between the two of them!

Oldest Youngest2

Denver Nuggets

Stephen and I took the big girls on a date night up to a Denver Nuggets game.  It was on a Saturday and we had been to nine games with all the kids’ games that day, but I couldn’t resist one more game.  I think the Nuggets games are so much fun with all of the little things they are constantly doing to keep the crowd occupied.


Nuggets Nuggets2  Nuggets4

Kaylee and I were a little crazy!  Stephen and Rebecca probably were embarrassed of us.


We were hungry after the game and decided to head over to Chipotle.  When we started walking up the sidewalk a sweet lady came out of this new pizza place and gave us pizza cards for each of us to make and get our own.  We decided to give it a try and it was DIVINE!  The pizza place is a new chain by Chipotle.  The atmosphere was so contempory and fun!

Pizza  Pizza3  Pizza5 Pizza6 Pizza7 

So many giggles, delicious food, awesome basketball, time with Stephen = PRICELESS

Literally it was priceless, thanks to the Ronco’s and that sweet manager at the pizza place.  :)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Clip of the Day

Couldn’t resist a football clip with all of the exciting football talk right now!

Monday, January 13, 2014

My Afternoon Buddy


We have our little routine every afternoon when she gets home.  She chooses the lunch and stories for us.  Then she heads outside to spend time with our pets.  Sometimes she reads them stories, and other times she just talks to them about her day at school.  Next she comes inside for a project or activity. 

Oh how I’m going to miss her next year!  She is definitely my baby!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Flea Bug

Jerrica has been sick most of the week.  She has missed quite a few days of school, and spent most of her time snuggling me.

She looked up at me one afternoon and said, “I hate that I have the flea bug”.  I corrected her that it was called the FLU bug.  She then got distressed and started freaking out with her big, sick eyes, “Mom there is no such thing as a flu bug, there are only flea bugs”.  I couldn’t fight with her.  She was too pitiful looking. 


Jerrica is very close to Stephen.  All she wanted was him and her cat, Fat.  Our pets are outdoor pets, so it was a treat to have Fat come inside and nap with her.  He adores Jerrica, probably because she gives him so much attention.

I’m so glad that she feels better and that no one else has gotten sick!  (Knock on Wood)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Glue Shirts

The girls had friends over last week. 


We decided to make glue t-shirts.  You take the blue Elmer’s glue and go to town drawing whatever your heart desires.


Then you let the glue dry.  I didn’t realize that it would take eight hours to dry.  It would’ve been a better project for a sleepover night.  ANYHOW, we then dyed the shirts in RIT dye.  It was like magic to see the designs appear.



We will definitely be making more of these!


The frost was heavy and thick one morning during break.  She wanted me to take a “selfie” of her.  I informed her that it wouldn’t be a “selfie”, if I took it. 


I did tell her that I would do a little shoot of her though.  She has such long eyelashes!

  Kaylee2 Kaylee3 Kaylee4 

My favorite is that last picture because that’s how she is always wrinkling that nose as she smiles and giggles.  Sure love my Kaylee Girl!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It’s no secret that when the kids start switching from soccer to basketball, I’m all smiles!

The girls have been doing their basketball practice routines with our neighbor Hannah.  One day as I was off to drive someone, somewhere I saw my girls out in that beautiful sunlight.  I HAD to stop and take a couple of pictures of them.  I thought that I was capturing that beautiful light, but I like the sweet capture of those two sisters practicing together before the sun goes down.  It reminded me of numerous times out in the backyard with my sister Alesha.

Bball Bball2 Bball3

There is just something about bouncing that ball over and over as you are chatting with a friend.  LOVE it!