Friday, August 29, 2014

Random Pictures

I’m determined to get all caught up now that the kids are in school.  If I don’t my blog book for this year will look like a pamphlet.  :/

I am glad that there is a post date option to help keep everything archived chronologically.  It was just such a busy summer with Kristy’s family here and then all the photo shoots for others that I have been editing.  Weddings entail A LOT of pictures!

Anyway, a few random ones so that I can close out their folders.

Someone got a library card this summer and acts like it’s getting a drivers license!


Spinning at the park

Shutter Speed Rebecca got a cute “Orange you glad you are 12” basket from church.  She is now in YW’s!


My tomatoes are ROCKING this year!  I canned 12 pints of stewed tomatoes.


  Constant watching of Studio C on her tablet.


Ashley planted a few big sunflower seeds amongst our wild sunflower patch this year.  She was thrilled to grow one taller than her!


Many dares were dared by cousins over the summer, so when we saw this salsa packet we HAD to take a picture!


Sunday Selfies

Sunday Selfie  Sunday Selfie5

I didn’t realize the cloud reflection in her glasses until I downloaded the pictures.  So cool!


Kaylee has been playing night games under the lights at this field with a beautiful view.  Her team’s uniforms look WAY bright under the lights. 

Anglers Anglers2

Jerrica learned to jump rope this summer.  She thinks she is all that and a bag of chips!


And that is a bunch of random pictures that frees up my desktop and makes it into the blog book! :)


We play a lot of games when we have family or friends here.  It might be a simple “Do you Love your Neighbor” or a more complex board game.  Yet the laughter and non stop talking of everyone gathered around is priceless. 

Here are a few pics I snapped over the summer playing games.

Games Games2 Games3 Games4 Games5

We even played a few games outside under the outdoor lights.

 Games10 Games11 Games12 

This group of girls played in my dad’s fifth wheel, game after game. 


12 on the 12th Detective Style

My Rebecca Rae celebrated her 12th birthday on the 12th!  I will let the pictures explain the day ….

Bday  Bday3 

Rebecca loves Stephanie Jump.  She offered to do a gel manicure for her on her birthday.


We then went shopping with Kaylee and out to lunch.  For her birthday dinner she chose Olive Garden.


We did a few birthday pictures that afternoon ….

     Birthday4     Birthday9       Birthday16 

The next weekend we had a friend mystery party.  We gave them these mini file folder invitations.




We had caution tape everywhere and a chocolate “dead body” cake.



 Party3 Party4

The girls got sunglasses, badges with their pictures, mustache, and then a goody bag that had a little detective kit in it.  They also were given little spiral notebooks to decorate and use for the games.


Each of the members of our family were the suspects.  We had Kaylee as the Clumsy Cook, Jerrica as the Geeky Gamer, Nathan as the Sassy Soccer player, Jacob as the Pathetic Painter, and Ashley as the Bubblegum Ballerina.  Each had a game and clue in their room.  Kaylee did the memory game where you have one minute to memorize the objects and then write them down.


Nathan was outside with his soccer ball and did a fingerprint thing with them.  It was like pulling teeth to get the boys to do this, but then watching them with the girls I thought they actually didn’t mind.  Jacob was in the loft and did a sketch artist game.  He described a mug shot to the girls and they had to draw what he was describing.  They laid all of their notebooks in front of him afterwards and he picked the picture closest to his as the winner of the prize.  Ashley had a CD of noises.  They had to identify each one and and the one that identified the most won that prize.  She had 30 random noises that Stephen helped burn to a disc off of the internet.  Jerrica did a secret code game with the girls at her station. 


Super fun night with all these cute girls!!!


Anyway, Happy Birthday Ravishing Rebecca!!!

Girls in Denver

Rebecca had a tournament in Denver.  SO Stephen and I took the four girls and made a day of it!

Of all the toys my girls have, hands down their American Girl dolls are the favorite.  They spend hours making little crafts for them from Youtube.  They spend more hours dressing and doing their hair.  They LOVE them!  Jerrica saved up money to get Emily’s ears pierced.

American Girl  American Girl3 American Girl4   We watched Rebecca’s team lose terribly.

Bec Soccer

We consoled ourselves with Krispy Kremes afterwards.

   Krispy Kreme3   Krispy Kreme6

We stopped over at the temple to walk around.

  Temple  Temple3

Rebecca tried to make me jealous kissing Stephen on the bride’s bench.

  Temple5 Temple6  

It really was a fun day.  I smiled as each of the girls kept expressing gratitude for whatever we were doing or buying them.  I AM thankful that they don’t take things for granted.