Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jean Quilt

Miss Kaylee has been busy getting projects done for her Personal Progress program.  The first of the summer we drug out all of the old jeans from the basement and started cutting away.  Then yesterday Kaylee decided to pull it all out again and start sewing.  She sewed and sewed and sewed.

Jean Quilt6

AND by the end of the day she had it all sewn together.  It looks awesome!  Here she is modeling her one of a kind quilt!

  Jean Quilt3 Jean Quilt5 

I’m so proud that she can sit and sew all by herself!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Brushstrokes FHE

Tonight I based a lot of our lesson off of Elder David Bednar’s talk, “More Diligent and Concerned at Home”.  I started out by showing the following two images.

 Brushstrokes2 Brushstrokes3

Some of the kids guessed that it was Jacob’s paints mixed together.  Some of them were curious about where I had taken the pictures.  I told them that it was only a tiny piece to something bigger.  We then discussed how small pieces don’t give you the full picture.  They can share detail with you, but the bigger picture is missing.

I then showed them the “big picture”.  It’s actually a very large painting that we have hanging in our piano room.


We then talked about each individual brushstroke that comprises this painting.  Each is vital and important in creating the masterpiece, yet each can not stand alone.  I shared some of Elder Bednar’s talk and then asked what some of the brushstrokes are in our lives.  We discussed the masterpiece that we are each creating for our individual souls.  No one prayer will define us, but many a prayer will create who we are.  No one act of service will completely tell the world that we are kind, yet one act after another will certainly show others who we really are.

I finished by challenging everyone to take a look at the brushstrokes that they are painting in their lives.  I asked them to think about their bigger picture that they are trying to create for themselves.  I also gave them each a littler reminder for their bulletin boards.


We finished the evening off with a big game of “Masterpiece”.  It is an art game that is a definite favorite from when I was a child.  :)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Swinging

Warm summer evenings at the park


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day at the Lake

We spent the next day at a lake near Heber. 

Lake2 Lake3 Lake5 Lake6 Lake7 Lake8 Lake9 Lake10 Lake13 Lake15 Lake16

Four of the sisters on the jet skis.  :)

 LAke17 Lake18 Lake22

Aunt Erin insisted on a photo in front of this beautiful sailboat.

Lake23  LAke26

Innocent Aunt Janie came up to shore on a board with Rebecca.  Take a look at who is lurking in the water….


Lexi and Kaylee attacked in a full out mud war.  Janie, ever the sport proceeded to give it right back at them

Lake28 Lake29  Lake31

Yes the water was fun, but the mud sure entertained as well!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I have had quite a few shoots over the summer, and usually don’t share them on this blog,

BUT I loved this one from Monday….


“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away!”  Eudora Welty

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fourth of July

For the fireworks we went into Heber to a park.  The boys played A LOT of games!  Stephen is one of eight kids, which means there are always plenty of players for games, especially now with all of the in-laws and grandkids.  They played a big game of kickball.  They also played one game that  was like the old fashioned marble game, but with tennis balls.  It seemed like they played that one forever!

Rebecca was obsessed with Brooks.  I don’t know how she lugged him around everywhere!

Re2 Fourth  Fourth3  Fourth5 

Ashley wanted some pictures with her Aunts for her scrapbook.  So on the night of the fourth she proceeded to pose with each of them.  Here are Stephen’s sisters in order from oldest to youngest, HOWEVER, I am missing Janna.  She was probably off videotaping the games.  She is our family videographer.  :)

 Fourth7 Fourth8


Fourth11 Four We took pizza and treats to the park.  It was fun to just sit back and relax.  Stephen called his parents and everyone was able to talk with them.  Missed having them there, but grateful for all of the family that were there.  :)

 Fourth9 Fourth10

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Family Dance

We just got home from the celebrations down at my parents’.  One night they had a huge family dance for everyone in Sanford.  It was so cute watching boys ask Jerrica to dance and her big eyes and bright smile.  Ashley was another story.  She was quick to take the boys’ arms and twirl herself around on the country dances.  She would whisk the boys all over the dance floor.

She told one boy, “you are a fast dancer”.  He replied, “I think YOU are a fast dancer”.  She then told him, “I’m only a fast dancer so that I can keep up with you”.  :)

I smiled hearing all of the conversations that were had out there on the dance floor.  I went from, “you girls need to talk and find out things about the person you are dancing with” to thinking it would be better if my girls just danced and didn’t talk!

LOVE family dances and how they learn.  I noticed in Rebecca’s journal today how she went on and on about how good her dad is at country dancing and how much she enjoyed dancing with him at the family dance.  :)

Ropes Course

Rope8 Ropes2 Ropes3 Ropes9 Ropes10 Ropes14 Ropes15 Ropes22 Ropes23 Ropes27 Ropes28 Ropes29


We did a game where we had to swing everyone in the family from one side to the safety of the other without touching the ground.

 Ropes32  Ropes34

Aunt Lael made her own course for Brooks.


Most of the kids did the spider web challenge where each person had to get to the other side without touching the web.  Nor could they all use the same hole to go through.  It was interesting to see who the leaders of the group were.

Ropes37 Ropes38 Ropes41 It was a great team building afternoon.  We can do ANYTHING when we work together!