Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Seven Bridges Hike

On Sundays we love to play games as a family OR hike.  A couple of weeks ago we decided to do a last minute hike after church.  I was kind of freaking out thinking that wherever we were going we would be hiking down in the dark, since we were leaving our house for the hike at 5:30.

I was wrong.  Summer sunlight is very generous.  Instead we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and absolutely no one else on the trail.  We headed up the mountain with bubblegum and giggles, then we came down the mountain with memories and family bonding time!




I know that I just posted this picture for Father’s Day because it is a good father picture.  Yet, this was the hike the picture was taken on.  At the very top part, we aren’t going further part, of the hike.  The trail is called Seven Bridges.  The kids counted them as we crossed, but for some reason we ended up counting NINE bridges.  I think we may have strayed off course and hopped the creek a couple of times, which could have resulted in double counting.


Flat rock piles were made by the bridges.  As they hiked they would gather their perfect rocks to stack together.  I told Stephen that maybe we should have just stayed home and played Jenga.


I was always further ahead than the boys.  I was CONSTANTLY waiting on them.  :)

Jerrica was constantly reminding the last person that “bears eat the last hiker in line”



My big girls would ooh and aah at the rocks, the sunset, the trees, the colors, the wildflowers …  Loved having them with me to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Nathan however was focused on his ever trusty companion, the soccer ball.

Soc BallSoc Ball2

From the beginning of the hike … to the very end…

Soc Ball4

Really such a beautiful evening!  I’m not going to hesitate to do a late night one again.  LOVED it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Eagle Scout Project

Back on a busy night … Jacob had a swim meet downtown, Big Girls had a track meet on the south side, Ashley had dance … Nathan carried out his Eagle Scout project.  He had 25 people come and help, and I wasn’t even one of them!  Which made me sad because I couldn’t document with pictures, but Stephen pulled through with a few from his phone….

IMG_0106 (1)IMG_0109IMG_0112

Of course to get him going with a project we knew it would have to entail soccer of some sort.  He talked with an old coach, and they came up with a plan.  The indoor center was to get new turf, if Nathan and crew could come in and paint the walls, they would allocate all of the man hours to be paid out in scholarship form to those less fortunate in Colorado Springs.  They even created a time for people with disabilities to be able to come in and play.  I can’t think of how many many hours were created, but Nathan had a huge smile as his coach explained it all. 



You did it Nathan!  Now do your paperwork and finish it off!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Elder Holland

All of the youth were lucky to be part of a fireside in May.  Only youth were invited.  They had to read previous talks from Elder Holland, fast and pray for him “to speak to them”.  It was an amazing experience for my kids.  They came home with the spirit burning inside of them.  I was surprised at how different each of their comments were on the evening.  Different stories and quotes stood out to each of them.

The overall theme I guess was “One is a Multitude”  One person can make a difference.  He related stories, read examples from the scriptures and shared the quote, “If you’re the only one, that’s tough.  But stand up, one can be a multitude”  I have seen this concept during my life, how one person can cause change.  I hope my kids remember this and that they can Be the ONE!

He also shared some other quotes that I copied from the kids’ notebooks.

“The future belongs to those that show up for it”

“You are an example to those around you, whether you like it or not.  Will it be a good or bad example?”

Image result for elder holland

Nathan talked about what a powerful speaker he was, “with a voice that could be fierce to that of a whisper”.  He told me that at the end as they sang the closing song.  One girl stood up, and then everyone was standing and singing.  Truly, one can be a multitude.

What a special night for my kids!

The World Cup right now has a hashtag, #Bethedifference.  I just love this theme that the kids are hearing over and over from different places.  I so want them to be strong and willing to stand up and make a difference in this life.  They can’t sit by the sidelines, they must get in the game and make a difference.

So my mixture of quotes to them is “Be the ONE that makes the difference”

Oh how I love messages that make you think and reflect on your life and what you can do.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father’s Day

Oh how we adore Stephen! 

I love seeing the kids snuggle up by his side.  Jerrica is inseparable with her dad.  I love how their eyes light up as he interacts and plays with them.  I love that he is at all of their activities cheering them on.  He is always so quick to teach and share with them.  There is always a Spanish or math app that he has the kids doing.  He is quick to remind the kids to practice their instruments or sports.  He even carts them off to Lifetime to workout with them at night.  He sits with them once a month going over the kids’ goals and how he can help them.  Just so willing to help them be all that they can be!

Father's DayStever


SOOOO grateful that he is the father of my children, and for all that he does!  He truly is incredible!  Sure love you Stever!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Rock Climbing

It just won’t quit raining every afternoon, so we are trying to find inside activities.  We met friends at Lifetime for rock climbing.  I felt bad when we were finished and some of my kids then had basketball practice.  I don’t know how they had any arm strength left!

Here are pics of my peeps…



This one CAN NOT climb unless she has her valuable chalk bag.


Bishop’s Castle

We have wanted to check this out for a long time.  I found out that the man who built the castle has cancer, and I don’t know what the fate of the castle will be.  SO I made sure to call a family day, pack a picnic and head over to see it.

Deep in the forest,


There lies a castle that is 160 ft tall, which is equivalent to a sixteen story building.


Young Jim Bishop in 1959 at the  age of 15 paid $450 for a two and a half acre piece of land enclosed on three sides by the San Isabel National Forest. It was money saved from mowing lawns, throwing newspapers, and working with his father Willard in the family ornamental iron works.

It only makes sense that there is plenty of ornate iron throughout the castle since he worked with his father learning the art of ornamental iron.


Rock by rock he has placed and secured with mortar.  Hauling these rocks up to the top I’m sure was quite a chore.


I of course was all excited to see this castle, but instantly turned into the paranoid mom not wanting her kids to get hurt.  I worried about the castle being structurally safe and kids too close to the edge.  Most places as you can see below and no railing whatsoever.


The main floor in the middle had a lot of windows and even stained glass ones.



The picture just don’t do it justice for the size that his castle is.  It really is HUGE!  I am amazed at one man’s dream that he brought to reality stone by stone. 


We then headed down the mountain for our picnic lunch.  We got a bit lost and ended up at a little park that was in the opposite direction that we needed to go.  Ash didn’t mind a quick swing before we headed out on the right path.