Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Flying By

I just blink my eyes and hours, days, weeks seem to just FLY!

We have been very busy lately!  The Spring always fills up quickly with sports, activities, and the end of the year stuff. 

The kids get sad at missed goals, poor flip turns, a game lost, a time that isn’t a personal best, not getting to be first chair in band, … and I think to myself, it’s those little set backs that make the winning and personal bests all that much greater!

Anywho, here is a glimpse into our lives right now…

Eighth grade dinner dance followed by Kaylee’s first Stake dance the next night.  Nathan announced that she was leading a Congo line and he had to do a double take that it was his sister leading it.  She LOVED both dances!

8th Dinner4

Jacob is swimming strong.  He has already qualified for 5A State in a few events.  He completely rocks his races!


Jake Swim3


Still have a little one always wanting to build and play with toys.  She had a moon phase project for school out of Oreos.  We had a hard time keeping a full moon!


Nathan’s team is doing awesome.  He has had some really fun games!  Here is a Denver one.  I LOVED the backdrop of downtown Denver.


The big girls are in track and are loving it.  I am surprised at how fast their short little legs can carry them.


The boys had a service opportunity in the forest helping slash burned trees.  They were black when I picked them up from all of the soot.


The never ending soccer games.  A sweet friend took Jerrica to her game and shot that awesome picture of her scoring a goal.


Then there is Ash.  She has had numerous rehearsals for her upcoming dance recital.  She is always quick to plan a party or sleepover at our house.  I smiled the other morning as I came into the room and saw her pouring over this book she had checked out from the library.  She was even taking notes.  That one is a definite party planner!


Ash is playing volleyball with her friend Gabby.


I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of our lives right now.  Every night the violin, flutes, piano, and guitar are all vying to be heard.  Pasta parties and friends are constantly calling the kids away from home.  Youth activities and Nathan’s eagle project have kept us busy.  Stephen and I have been on a few really fun dates this last month.  So grateful to have him helping me. 

Life in general is busy and flying way too fast!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Don't Stop

Have you seen this from last weekend ....

You are NOT finished until you cross that line!  I am so proud of that Washington man for not giving up.  He could have slowed his pace when he saw that he would clearly take second, but no.  That man was giving it his all until he crossed the line.

I know sometimes I stop to cheer myself on or hear the praise of the crowd in my life, and in so doing things slip by me.  I need to focus.  I need to cross my line.  Then I can cheer.

Ski Trip

My sweet cousin hooked us up with an irresistible deal to ski down at Wolf Creek.  Stephen LOVES snowboarding and so he didn’t need any coaxing to go.  We spent the night at my mom’s and then had a most excellent day on the slopes Monday.

Ski Trip2

We literally go “white trash” style when we do go skiing…

Ski Trip1

I give everyone a bag to put their ski pants, coat, gloves, goggles, hand warmers … so that there is no fighting over stuff when we get there.  It is already set and ready to go.  Jacob was the first to get his bag together and wrote “Shawn White” instead of his name like I had asked.  Then all of the others had to take his lead and write their own Shawn White versions.

Our only problem for the day was helmets.  I told the kids not to take hats because we were getting helmets with our equipment.  That morning we found out that they don’t rent helmets and had to frantically scrounge hats.  The shop by the ski resort sold helmets for $120 a piece.  Times that by 8 people and ya, we skied and boarded without.  I prayed all day long that no one would get hurt. 

Ski Trip9

Ski Trip14

The little girls went off to Wolf Pup school.  Rebecca with her cousin and then the three boarders were together.  Leaving Stephen and I time to ourselves until lunch.  It was WONDERFUL!  There was a point we were going down a trail without a person in sight on such a beautiful day, I couldn’t resist smiling.

Ski Trip5Ski Trip6

Ski Trip7

We tried to do a selfie with the gorgeous view from the top, but instead it looks like we are skydiving!

I always tease people that our kids get their athletic abilities from me, but truth be told Stephen is VERY athletic.  That man knows how to snowboard and is SO fun to watch.

Ski Trip4

I thought some of the kids would be done by early afternoon, but every single one kept going and didn’t want to stop.  We were literally the last ones on the last lift of the day. 

Ski Trip10

Kaylee’s screenshot of the photos from the lodge.  Jerrica and Ash were way into their “pizza” and “french fries” skiing positions.

Ski Trip11Ski Trip12

I spent the afternoon with my big girls, while Stephen boarded with the boys.  Then we all met up with the little girls to be with them.  Ashley declared that she is going to be an Olympian skier because she is so fast.

Ski Trip15Ski Trip17 

You know the commercial where they add the cost of everything up and then sum up that it was priceless because of the memories.  That’s how I felt.

As we drove home with sore muscles, tired bodies, sunburned skin, crumbs and smashed snacks everywhere mixed with wet clothes … the kids were still grinning and thanking Stephen over and over for taking them.  We LOVED it!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Heads Up

Do you have this app on your phone?  SO much fun!  We all downloaded it on our phones and then played as a family Sunday night.  We did it in pairs and then would rotate around so that each of us were together.  Oh the laughter!  I even played it with my mom while we were waiting at the hospital.  I think what is fun is the fact that it is recording you and you can watch at the end of each round.

Jerrica made me laugh when she would describe and wouldn’t know what to say, “I’m just going to tell you it’s, (she would say the word) that way it’s easier for you”.  Nathan would roll with laughter every time she did it.


I absolutely adore this girl!  She is one of the sweetest!  I don’t think there is an ounce of meanness in her.


She wanted Éclair Cake with homemade chocolate sauce.  She has always been a foodie.


We had a lot of celebrating going on!  She went with church friends to the theater the night before her birthday.  They saw Mcfarland and loved it.  Such cute girls!


Then on her birthday Kaylee begged to do another mall party with her school friends.  I love this group!  They are so much fun!  Stephen and I did a date night around the mall as the girls completed their checklist.  I had them text me pictures of some of the things that they had to do.  Here was their night ….


Hazel, next to Kaylee actually looks like a real model.  Love this next one!


Seriously such a fun group of girls!  As parents came to pick up and the girls were hugging and giggling good byes to each other, I sat there grateful for such a wonderful group of friends for my Kaylee.


Not only does Kaylee have a big heart, she is also really smart, athletic, runs track, plays volleyball, soccer and basketball, loves snowboarding, plays flute and piano, enjoys cooking and sewing, and is constantly trying to find ways to make people feel good whether it’s a note, comment or just her big smile. 

A couple of weeks ago I was at the church, at mutual.  I noticed all night long how no one was talking with this one girl.  She is shy.  I kept making a mental note that I needed to talk to her but kept talking with other adults.  Kaylee arrived at the activity late because of a practice.  She immediately went up to Rebecca’s group and had them all giggling.  Then she went straight to this girl that no one had talked with.  I saw a huge smile spread across the girl’s face and stay on her face even after Kaylee walked away.  Kaylee came over to me to see what she was supposed to be doing.  I commented on her talking to Kiley and she quickly told me, “Do you see how cute she looks tonight?  Her red hair is perfect for that shirt, so I had to tell her”  I stood there thinking what a sweet girl I have that brings smiles to so many.  SO LUCKY to have her in my life to bring smiles to ME! 

Love this girl!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Conference Posters

For conference on Sunday I tore out giant sheets from a sketch pad and let the kids doodle all over them with quotes and pictures.  I couldn’t believe how entertained they were and now they have a reference from the conference.  Here is Kaylee’s -


Nathan’s made us laugh.  I want to share one of his pictures but I know he would kill me so I will share this other instead.


Of course I gave packs of gum for each poster that was “doodle filled”.

Anyway, it was a fun way to change it up!

Nathan Indoor

Nathan played indoor with some of his high school friends in the top division.  They were SO fun to watch because of their foot skills and passing.  They won both of the indoor sessions.  I wanted to record a game but of course my battery went dead after a couple of minutes.  I did get this little clip.  The mom cheering for Nathan is the mom of the boy Nathan assisted.  :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Clip and Christ Pictures

I LOVE this time of year.  Definitely a favorite holiday!  I had to share the clip that I shared with my family this week in FHE.

I spent all day yesterday trying to find different pictures of Christ to put in the kids' Easter baskets. I want each of them to have their own special framed picture.

We don't have a Deseret Bookstore, and I wasn't on the ball to have them already ordered from online.  I went to a huge Christian bookstore here and thought I could find their pictures of Christ only to learn that they didn't sell pictures of Christ.  After talking with the clerk for a while I learned that they didn't want to put images in people's heads, but let them instead form their image of Christ.

I am a huge art lover and can't imagine not having pictures of Christ adorning my home.  There is something about a picture that makes you ponder and think as you look on it.  Sometimes we don't automatically pull up the images of Christ in our head, but instead need a little reminder.  I feel that pictures and quotes do just that.  They stir our souls when we need a good stirring!  :)

Anyway, I'm off to finish my little Easter project.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ashley’s Science

Ashley’s class has had a fun year in science.  I am so amazed at all of the facts she is constantly telling us.  A few months ago they dissected owl pellets at school.  The pellets were filled with bones that they had to piece together to figure out what animal the owl had eaten.  Ashley thought is was SO cool. 

Then for Valentine’s day a boy in her class had made “edible owl pellets” for the class.  They were rice crispy treats that were filled with candy bones.  It was a HUGE hit with everyone!

Owl Valentine

Then just last week I went in with her class to help with the eye dissection.  It fascinates me every time!


Ashley informed me that we need to pick up some eyes at the slaughter house this summer so that she can do some more experimenting.  I informed HER that we have already checked out eyes, let’s move on to some other experiments!

Boho Bags

The girls love to sew and I LOVE that they love it!

We decided to sew sling (over the head) bags for them to keep stuff in for track.  They are reversible and quick to make.  I probably shouldn’t say “quick”.  There are always problems and seams to pick out, but that is part of the learning.  I told the girls that life is like sewing.  Problems are constantly popping up and you just have to figure out how to fix and remedy the issue and keep moving on.  If you stop, you will never finish!


Sun streaming in the window, chocolate treats to enjoy, and plenty of giggles.  I SO love these big girls of mine!



HERE is the link to the pattern and tutorial.  I should have made the girls reverse the bags for another picture, but basically they are just opposite of the front.  They turned out really cute!