Tuesday, March 31, 2009


During Spring Break mom and I took Kristy's older kids and mine to "Race to Witch Mountain". Rebecca asked at the beginning of the movie to sit on my lap, which usually is holding Ashley or Jerrica. Since those two were home with grandpa I of course said, "YES". Can I just say how much I enjoy snuggling my kids. She would whisper questions about the movie in my ear and turn to me and giggle at the funny parts. I loved every minute of the movie because I had Rebecca on my lap. Tonight when I was reading with her, she commented on how she sat on my lap for the movie the other night and how she wanted to do it again.

The definition for snuggling is:
to nestle into (a person or thing) for warmth, safety or affection
Doesn't everyone want to be warm, safe and loved! No wonder I love to snuggle so much, now to just keep my kids little forever so that they will always want to snuggle with me!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kaylee's Baptism

I can't believe my little Kaylee is 8 and old enough to be baptized. What a special time for her! We did a little photo shoot and then sent out invitations. The following photo is my favorite of her because it captures a little bit of her personality. I ended up using it as the photo for the centerpiece at her baptism. I forgot to take a picture of her beautiful flowers, scriptures, and photo that we had setting on the table at the baptism, so we set it up for the luncheon and I took a picture that's posted below.

Here is a photo of Kaylee before we went to sit in the chapel. I talked to her a little about the symbolism of water and reflection. She was so nervous.

Kaylee's dad baptized her. How blessed we are to have a worthy Priesthood holder for our little family!

Kaylee had a lot of family and friends come to her baptism and I'm so mad that I didn't get pictures of them. So instead of a photo of Kaylee in her beautiful baptism dress with her grandpa and grandma Thompson, I have her here tonight in PJ's with them. I did make a list of all of those who attended. Both sets of grandparents were there, and I'm making them write their testimonies to put in Kaylee's baptism book with hers.

Aunt Kathy put her name on a white towel that she used on her special day. I'm hoping that she will think of the day she was baptized every time she uses it. I just love little reminders! She also took her stuff in the rainbow bag after the primary song, "I like to look at Rainbows ..." We gave her scriptures with her name, the Thompson's have always given our kids a homemade "Be" plaque that the kids put up in their rooms, and the Coley grandparents have always given the kids a journal. She did get a lot of other neat gifts from family and friends. Once again I feel that each of them are special reminders of her day.

Here is another photo of us with our Kaylee girl. I'm just so proud of what a beautiful little girl she is!

Not So Smooth Sledding

Colorado had a big blizzard blow through on Thursday night into Friday morning. Stephen picked his parents up in Denver on Friday morning during the tail end of the blizzard. Anyway, the sun came out and all the snow started melting that afternoon. We tried to go sledding in town at different parks, but kids and sun had made all of the runs melted and grassy. SOOO we headed back into the forest to go on a hill behind Pattie Wennig's house. It all started out fun and happy as you can see above with Kaylee pushing Grandma Brenda and Rebecca.

Then trauma happened and I'm just sooo grateful that it wasn't worse!!! The picture below is of the run before the accident. Nathan and Kaylee were sledding down quite fast and Kaylee was on the front of the sled. She hit the corner of this railroad tie with her face. Yes I did say, her FACE. She let out a shrill scream and I let out an obsenity. I ran down and her nose was bleeding and starting to swell up. Good thing we had snow near by to ice it down. She was so good to keep ice on it. For a while we thought that maybe she had broken her nose. I kept making her look at me head on to check her out. So once again Spring Break has not been very smooth.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break A Day on the Farm

I started the week with things not running smoothly and it continues. We went to the Hatchery for last year's Spring Break and were going to go again, BUT Mrs. Ross just couldn't fit us into her schedule. I commented on how I hate when things don't go smoothly and Kaylee piped up, "But mom when we aren't able to do something, we always get to do something that we weren't planning on doing, and it's usually just as fun" I thought, oh girl keep that bit of wisdom for the rest of your life and you will always be happy. Anyway, here is a photo from last year and then the rest of the photos are from Tuesday.

All the kiddos outside Uncle Warren's dairy.

Jacob climbing a little too high!

Feeding the calves. There was a tiny twin that was so cute.

Inside the milking barn, watching the process. A milk cow gives 10 to 12 GALLONS a DAY! The photo below would hurt any nursing mom.

We also went and saw the pigs and piglets. This pig above was HUGE!! Then on to the sheep and lambs. The girls always love the little lambs.

Next were the rabbits. She explained to the kids how a momma rabbit pulls the hair off of her chest and makes a nest to have her little ones in. A rabbit can have up to 12 litters a year. (That's one each month of the year!) One of the kids asked what they did with all of the rabbits and when she said eat them and sell them for meat I thought that Rebecca was going to start crying.

They also went in the hen house and she let them each gather an egg out of the nests to keep. I couldn't believe how excited the kids were to get an egg. HELLO! They could just get one out of our fridge!!! I guess it got them ready for Easter coming up. At any rate we really enjoyed seeing and touching all of the many baby animals. They are always so soft and cute.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Art Day

So I took Alesha's idea and hid the kids day's agenda in a cereal box.

Little did I know the day wouldn't flow as smoothly as the agenda had outlined. I first took the kids to an 8:30 orthodontist appointment for Jacob and Kaylee. (What a fun way to start out Spring Break!!!) Then we headed over to Bemis. The kids were excited and some of them were reminiscing about classes that they had taken there. Well, we go in and I find out that I have the date wrong. The family adventure demonstration and hands on projects had already taken place. AUGGGG!!!

So we load up in the van as some of the kids start freaking out about what we are going to do because it's supposed to be art day. Can I just say I hate when things don't flow smoothly!!! I did have a project for them at home and stopped at Michaels to pick up another.

We used the fun Crayola crayons from the birthday party to make T-shirts. It's fun because the older and younger kids can do the project. Ashley scribbled away as Jacob took his time on his cartoon.
The next project I had seen in Family Fun last year. They had made mosaic collage frames for mirrors. I thought it would be fun to put items around a frame (Michaels $1) and then put a picture of the kids in their frame to capture their age. I made all the kids scour the basement and junk drawer for little treasures that represent them. The boys had legos, kinex, army men, mini dragon...It was fun to see what everyone came up with. I'm mad that I didn't take a picture of the boys frames, but I'm way to tired to go round them up and take a picture. I will have to post it later. Anyway, as they would bring some trinkets to put in their pile, I would frown thinking that they probably shouldn't use it, but then would think again that it is one less little thing to pick up.

The art day ended with a mosaic tile tournament of Blokus. I had to post a picture for Angie. This is such a fun game for a lot of different age groups. Stephen and I have even had fun playing it with other couples.

Looking around now at the house I think I should have made the agenda a Spring Cleaning Day instead of Art Day. I let the boys go off for a play date with two brothers late this afternoon and should have made them do their chores first. I just HATE when I get behind on the house, and if I'm not constantly cleaning I seem to get behind, especially due to my little string out everything Ashley and Jerrica.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Weekend

Just wanted to get the weekend posted. Everyone was busy with their own activity so I took a few photos to capture them!
Rebecca was into her puppet kits. Aunt Kristy recommended these kits from Hobby Lobby. LOVE them!!! They are only $4 for a kit and each separate puppet comes with their own plastic needle, thread and parts. They are pre-holed so they are like sewing cards. Rebecca was so into ironing out the felt, sewing, glueing and just basically making them.
Stephen did all of our outside windows on the ladder. It's amazing how clear they are now.

Stephen, the boys and I have all been into the final four right now. I love watching the underdog win. I also love the close games. When I was in labor with Kaylee I actually had the final four on at the hospital to keep me distracted.

Jacob had fun with Kaylee's kite that she had gotten for her birthday. It's amazing how high he had it.
Nathan had an outdoor soccer game. The played their rivals the Wolves and beat them 4 to 3. Nathan had an incredible game. I enjoy watching his fancy footwork.

As for Jerrica, she was busy writing all over my walls. I have never had one sooo into this writing thing. Then Ashley is busy changing into as many outfits as she can during the day. I don't know what the deal is with this clothes phase, but I'm not enjoying it! Kaylee made a chocolate dessert with my help tonight and was so proud of her part in it. She sure loves baking.

Anyway, that's the weekend in a nutshell. I'm really excited for this Spring Break week. I have a lot of fun themed days planned. I just got off the phone with Alesha and she gave me a cute idea to hide the proposed plan for the day in the cold cereal box for the kids to find in the morning. I better get on it, thanks for the idea Lee!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Civil War Day

Today was Kaylee's Civil War Day. They just finished studying about it and did their true to life day today. There were eight fun stations that I wanted to describe.

1. Dress up and photo. They talked about how the soldiers would have to hold very still and almost always had a serious face. (very hard for giggly Kaylee to do). They talked about how huge the camera equipment was and how long they would have to pose for the shot. The teacher printed up a photo for each kiddo.
2. The food station was filled with foods that would have been eaten during the war. They had cornmeal hash, applesauce, meat and apples cooked together and flapjacks. They ate out of tin pie plates and were given rations just like the soldiers.

3. Poney Express where they wrote postcards home and then rode stick horses all around the halls to deliver them. Kaylee's postcard was cute. She talked of being wounded and missing my cooking.

4. Drum and Bugle corp station was outstide. (Thank goodness!) They talked about the importance of these instruments in the war.

5. Then there was a game section where they had cards, checkers and dominos. They told of how the pieces were made out of bone and how the soldiers would play these games. When Ryan talked to our family about Afganistan he talked about how the soldiers would play X-box. The games have changed!!!
6. Then they had a Clara Barton station where the teachers would treat each of the kids. They would tell them that their legs would need amputated. Skittles were given as medicine to help these poor soldiers with their pain.

7. They also had an underground railroad station where the kids acted like slaves and would have to sneak around the school without getting caught.

Anyway, that's just a quick synopsis of the day. Kaylee and I had fun together. I was excited to hear her share so many facts with her brothers and sisters tonight.

The Mile

"Mom, I ran the mile today."
"How did you do Nathan?"

"Well, I was the fastest one in my class. I ran it in 7 min and 40 sec. There was only one other boy, Asa, in another fourth grade class that got a better time."

"Nathan, that's awesome! I don't think I could run it that fast"

"Mom, Coach Labosco wrote our times on our hands. I probably should keep it on my hand in case she forgets my time"

(Yeah right Nathan, considering that we just started Spring Break and I'm SURE she might need you to keep that on in case SHE forgets. I better glove that hand right away!!!)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Clay Poem

Tonight we had Stake Auxillary Training meeting. I always enjoy meetings that I can go to WITH Stephen, even though we broke off into our various auxillaries. In the YW meeting they talked about molds, clay and the finished product. I love the arts including poetry and was touched by the following poem. I had to share it because it is so true.


I took a piece of plastic clay

And Idly fashioned it one day.
And as my fingers pressed it still,

It moved and yielded to my will.
I came again when days had passed,

This bit of clay was hard at last.
The form I gave it, still it bore

But I could change it never more.
I took a piece of living clay,

And gently formed it day by day.
I molded it with power and art.

It was a child’s soft and tender heart.
I came again when years had gone:

It was a man I looked upon.
He still that early impact bore

And I could change it never more.
-Billie C. Dunston-Hill

Little by little I am molding my own children, and I know that there will come a time when the molding is not taken as easily as it is now. I think that is going to be difficult for me. However, I am thankful for the time that I have been given today. I'm also grateful for their many other teachers, grandparents, and coaches that help in this molding process.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

My kids have uniforms that they wear to school so we don't have much fun with shirts and hair attire for St. Patrick's Day, SO I had to be creative with their lunches. I can't believe how many green foods there are! Rebecca told me on the way to school that she just couldn't wait until lunch time.
A leprechaun did come to our house and reek a little havoc this morning. The boys rolled their eyes, but the girls enjoyed all of the antics. Now to get ready for Stephen's Lucky Night!!! We won't go into detail on that one.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kaylee's 8th Art Birthday Party

Our little Kaylee Girl turned 8.

She wanted the 8 girls from her class and then her soccer team to come to her party. They ALL RSVP'ed so we had quite a crowd. It was an art theme. I set up a connected maze of tables and chairs so that they were all kind of sitting together down in the basement. We made tote bags. I bought the fabric Crayola crayons and had them color on plain paper and then we ironed their pictures onto their bags. It was interesting to see how different the pictures were. We also did furry eyed pencils. The girls played pictionary ( an art game). Thanks for the idea Tanya. I also had them go on an art treasure hunt.

The cake was also an art cake. I had framed Kaylee's self-portrait that she had made and set it on a little easel. Then I put mini paint sets in each cupcake and had them circling the cake.

Kaylee had asked for a real pig for her birthday. I told her that would not be happening, but her dear cousin Shelby gave her a Webkinz pig, which in her eyes was almost as good as a real one. She named her Peggy the Pig. I actually had a real runt pig when I was her age given to me from Uncle Warren. I think I only had it for a couple of months, but can still remember rubbing baby powder on it. Anyway, Kaylee's other favorite gifts were a sketch pad, stuffed fashion pug dog, and fancy baptism dress (she better say that one because that is one from me). She also got a lot of fun projects to work on and then $90 in gift cards and money.

We also had 7 games on this Saturday. The four older kids had basketball and then the three that are in soccer had soccer games as well. One game was in Denver. Thanks for taking hime Kris!! How was it all possible?!? - many incredible friends, sisters, husband, Kaylee's siblings and my mom. A big thanks to each of you for all of your help!!!


3-14-2009 Do you know what that date means? It means Pi Day!!!

That means Pi T-shirts, math activities and experiments, and Nathan's favorite the Pi Feast! Parents signed up and brought in pizza, M&M's, cheetos. circle cut out cookies, Skittles, english muffins, marshmallows, ... there was a really long list of foods to be brought in to eat and do activities with. The boys were excited. They had to celebrate it on Friday, since the 14th fell on a Saturday this year. I had to laugh at Nathan. He wore his shirt to practice that night and a kid asked him what it meant. Nathan said all shocked, "Mom he didn't know what Pi was when I told him it was the Pi sign". I told him just be glad he didn't beat you up for being a nerd!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Create" by President Dieter Uchtdorf

I so enjoyed his entire talk when he gave it. So when a friend emailed me this video, I of course had to pass it along. It justifies all the time I spend being "creative".

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sprouting and Budding

I LOVE Spring!!! I love seeing all of the bulbs emerging from the Winter. I love seeing the birds coming back around again. Speaking of birds, I remember going with my Grandma Jackie in the Spring to the hatchery to get boxes of new chicks and ducklings.

Anyway, Monday was gorgeuos outside so after the YMCA I came home and worked outside for a few hours. Did I mention that I brought home a new Blue Spruce and Austrian Pine on the way home from the YMCA?!? Anyway I planted, raked, replaced mulch, and took some pictures of my Spring coming.
Here is a branch budding all over. Can I just say that I'm impressed with my bokeh! There is no photoshop involved in any of these pictures and look how blurred the background are. I'm learning slowly but surely.

I started my tomato plants from seed again this year and have 8 really good starts growing. I love that they already have that tomato plant smell. Anyway, just getting excited at the new growth as the weather is warming.


Today I was invited to teach a character lesson in Nathan's 4th Grade class. They focus on a character trait each month. I was so excited to do perseverance! Think of all the inspirational stories there are. I started out talking about Heber J Grant with his baseball, penmanship and then singing. We talked about the quote that Heber lived by and is the same quote for the class this month. I explained how hard it is for a toddler to learn to walk and how much they have to concentrate and work on it. However, once walking is mastered we don't even think about how we walk or have to concentrate to do it. Thus the quote "not that the nature of the thing is changed, but that our power to do is increased." Next I passed out Hershey chocolates and talked about Milton Hershey. I also shared the stories of J K Rowling, Michael Jordan, Charles Schultz and then concluded with Thomas Edison. I had a short animated video clip of Thomas Edison trying over and over to perfect the light bulb. I passed out the hand out above and told each of those 4th graders that they can do absolutely anything if they are perseverant. I think almost every successful person has had to work hard and overcome trials and that is what makes them sooo successful. Anyway, it was a really fun presentation to do. If anyone wants the stories of these people email me and I will shoot you them AKA, Alesha (lover of true inspirational stories)

Monday, March 9, 2009


I was informed that I left out the Friend Friday on my weekend update. So here it is - Stephen let the two boys pick a friend to take to the movie. Jacob had been wanting to see Inkheart, since he had read the book. So before it left the theater Stephen took the boys on a date. They really enjoyed the movie, friends and the ice cream afterwards. I was so busy helping do a baby shower and running a dozen other errands on Friday that I was a bit jealous that Stephen took the boys on a date and not me!!!

Speaking of Jacob, here is his latest school projects. The above expression is one of happiness to be finished with his "Silver". He had to make an element and do a report on it. I was not happy myself to find that the element Jacob had chosen had sooo many protons and electrons. I was very adamant that Nathan choose his element a little more wisely next year.

Then below is Jacob's cell model. We had to use playdough, pasta and beans. Oh the fun that school projects are!!!!!!
Also, tonight was Jacob's last basketball practice. The coach had a parent vs. boys scrimmage. We had fun playing against Jacob. Jacob even had four points in the game. The team then had a big pizza party at Pizza Hut afterwards. Anyway, that is the Jacob update.