Tuesday, March 31, 2009


During Spring Break mom and I took Kristy's older kids and mine to "Race to Witch Mountain". Rebecca asked at the beginning of the movie to sit on my lap, which usually is holding Ashley or Jerrica. Since those two were home with grandpa I of course said, "YES". Can I just say how much I enjoy snuggling my kids. She would whisper questions about the movie in my ear and turn to me and giggle at the funny parts. I loved every minute of the movie because I had Rebecca on my lap. Tonight when I was reading with her, she commented on how she sat on my lap for the movie the other night and how she wanted to do it again.

The definition for snuggling is:
to nestle into (a person or thing) for warmth, safety or affection
Doesn't everyone want to be warm, safe and loved! No wonder I love to snuggle so much, now to just keep my kids little forever so that they will always want to snuggle with me!!!

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