Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

Kristy and I had fun with the kids lunches last night. We made six for each of the school kids. (Kristy's family has been staying with us since last week.) We opened the bottom of the chips and switched them all around so that Doritos were in the Cheetos bag etc and then used the double sided tape to seal the bottom again. We also stuck notes in the chip bags. Then we dumped out the water in the water bottles and filled them with Sprite. And did the raisin / Yogo bite switcheroo. We were laughing so hard thinking that we were so tricky!! Little did we know the boys were running around getting pranks set up for us.

Bright and early all of the alarm clocks in the house went off thanks to the boys. I thought Stephen had set mine to go and work out and was mad at him for setting my clock. The boys also snuck into Kristy's room and took Thomas out of the crib and put a doll in his place. Needless to say they woke Thomas up and Kristy wasn't too happy. The boys also poured a pitcher of water in Rebecca and Karley's bed to make it seem like they peed the bed. I wasn't too happy on that one.
I remember how much my Grandma Jackie loved this day. We loved going to her house to see if she could trick us. She was always baking and cooking up pranks. She would put cotton balls in cupcakes and milk straining pads in her pancakes. She always had that little sparkle in her eyes and mischievous grin.
All in all it was a fun prankful day! The kids were a bit sad that the chips they picked out weren't really in the bag. I do hate when I have my taste buds set on something and then am not able to eat it. Shelby's teacher let her keep her fake teeth in the rest of the school day. I had a bag of those from Halloween and thought they would be fun in the lunches. Jacob went to dump his raisins on the table and instead had yogo's rolling all over the cafeteria. Kristy also short sheeted the boy's bed tonight and I can hear the comotion right now. So yes, all in all it was a fun day!


Mom said...

You are all far too tricky......
It's good we left for home when we did!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

I hope you don't mind, but I am going to link this to a post about April Fool's Day at Hopefully, it will bring you more traffic.

Johanna said...

I love this! Loved reading your story and gave me some great ideas. Thanks. johanna @ Huggs and Kisses xo