Sunday, April 26, 2009

Medieval Day

Another dress up day at school. Nathan has been studying the Medieval Ages. They had a huge feast with their hands for lunch. Parents had brought in fried chicken, apple slices, cubed cheese, baked potatoes and pie for dessert. Then they rotated between three different stations. The first was the "Market". They could buy shields, jeweled goblets, leaf crowns, or felt Robin Hood hats. Nathan and Asa opted for the shields. They also would perform for additional coins. Nathan juggled scarves.

The next room was completely dark with only a few stain glass windows. It was the monastery. Each child sat by a battery operated candle and copied quotes and phrases using a plume and ink. They had monk chanting music in the background. All of the kids had to take a vow of silence before they could enter the room. They were given pieces of bread of small cups of water as they wrote.

Here is Nathan in the stocks. I wish that I could've brought it home to put Ashley in!

Outside was sword fighting and relays on stick horses. The kids had to joust their sword through rings.

The last room was the castle. They sat at the long feast table and enjoyed minstrels playing and acts from the court jesters.

Here is Nathan's class. I wish that I would've taken a picture of all three classes when they were together because they looked so cute in their costumes. Anyway, it was fun and I think they learned a lot.

One thing that I learned is that the monks sure had a lot of peace and quiet to ponder and think. While we were in that room, I could actually think! I feel that we live in such a time in our lives so filled with technology that we do not have the quiet to think. I know that I always have the music going and someone on the cell phone. I need to turn things off to make the peace and quiet I need to ponder and think.

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Jordan Family said...

this was such a great idea! looks like so much fun!
i had a visiting teacher once explain to me that she never cleaned house with music on (which i thought was craziness!) but she told me that while she cleaned that was her time to talk to her Father in Heaven! I've thought about that often and when i'm not having to scrub floors and toilets (which kills my spiritual mood anyways) i'll kick off the music and just think!