Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gardening after the Snow

They are still ALIVE!!!

I always plant my tomatoes the first week of April in the Wall of Waters. I start them from see and feel like they get too spindly if they aren't put outside. However,here in Colorado we have major amounts of snow in April. This past week we had a big drift of snow in my garden. I'm always amazed at how much stronger and greener the tomatoes look after a big snow. The wall of waters sometimes are frozen yet keep the plant warm like an igloo. Anyway, I just had to take a picture today of how big and green the tomato plants are looking.

Below is a picture of my experiment. Mom has always said that tires warm up the plant's root system making the fruit redden faster AND produce more. I shall soon see!
It has been sooo warm that all I want to do is work outside. I have planted my peas, onions and as I have mentioned the tomatoes. Tonight I let the kids help me touch up our little wooden garden signs. I need to get a couple more dowels. I think dad needs to cut a few more veggie signs for me. Are you up for it dad?
Last but not least is my little gardener, non stop talker that helps me WAYYY tooo much. She always comes outside in these glamorous garbs. I couldn't resist getting some shots of her today. This picture doesn't show her little skirt and princess heels that she trips around in.
Anyway, I'm SOOO excited to be able to work outside now in such beautiful weather!


T.Irwin said...

Wall of waters???? what is this? I'll be googling that in a minute. And tires?

I need someone with mega experience to help me...I'm such a novice. I have no idea how to do the gardening and yet it's my ONE really big goal this year....have a garden.

thanks for the tips.

Jordan Family said...

this is so cool! i've never heard of the wall of water! i do know the tires work...i planted my lettuce in it this year! may not look so hot but it does keep them well warmed! also i love your little helper's getup :) so precious!

lanisue said...

Okay I need o take lessons from you Mrs.Green THumb. I am dying to have a garden and wishing I was back in Calif where things actually grow.