Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Spillane's MOVED to Alabama

My quote for today is from Dr. Suess,
"Don't Cry because it's Over,
Smile because it Happened"
Can I just say that I am crying as I type this post and not smiling one bit!!! My sister Kristy moved here to Colorado Springs for a year while Ryan was gone and now she is gone. It has been so much fun for us and our kids. We have kids the same ages so it has been fun for them. After they drove away Kaylee came bawling to me and we just hugged and bawled like two babies. Kristy was my little YMCA work-out buddy, project helper, babysitter, and shopping pal (one reason Stephen is glad that she is moving). On Friday I had all the basketball ladies sign a women's ball for her as a going away gift. What can I say, I'm just sad that they have to move so far away. I am glad that they bought land here to give me hope that they may eventually move back. But oh am I sad tonight!!!

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Ryan M. Spillane said...

Shauna you are so sweet! We miss you guys!!