Thursday, April 9, 2009


I love surprises! Doesn't everyone?!? On Monday when I came home from basketball I had lunch from Panera waiting for me compliments of Angie. I was so excited to have such a fun lunch and to not be expecting it.

Another fun surprise this week actually came from Kristy. One of the kids was getting something out of the fridge and said, "Why do we have all this money in our fridge?" I was like, "I wish!" Then they started bringing me $20 bills that were hid around the food in the fridge. It was Kristy trying to pay us back for eating and staying with us. Wouldn't that be fun to always open your fridge and have money hid here and there.

All of this money hiding reminded me of Julie in Washington DC. Stephen and I were VERY poor when we lived out there. Two old roommates of mine came to visit us while we were there. On the way to drop them off at the airport the one gave us $5 to help on gas. She made a big deal about it and kept talking on and on that she was glad that she could at least help us a little. Then as we hugged them goodbye, Julie whispered in my ear, "You might want to check around your car, I think there is some stuff in there that you aren't aware of" I was like OK, I don't quite understand what you are saying. Then as we drove home, we discovered bills all around our car. I don't know when or how she did it, but she hid $80 in various bills in the glove compartment, under floor mats, in the seatbelt, ashtray etc. As poor as we were I felt like we were rich with $80! I talked with her later asking if Kaelynn was in on it with her. "No" she replied "and we probably shouldn't tell her and burst her bubble with the $5!"

Anyway, I just love fun little surprises that I'm not expecting!


Becki Madsen said...

HOW cute, I love surprises too like when my way cool friend Shauna brought me homemade bread! What a treat-thanks for being such a great friend and an awesome blogger!

T.Irwin said...

How clever! Eric and I always have such a hard time when his family won't let us help pay for dinner or gas or anything, really. I might have to 'borrow' this idea and stash monies all around their car - they'll never know it was us helping them make ends meet. LOL!