Monday, August 30, 2010

Glen Eyrie Hike

We took Aunt Erin, Grandma and Grandpa Thompson on a hike today up to the Glen Eyrie punch bowls.  The water was COLD!!!


Grandpa Don is ALWAYS hot but not with this cool dip into the water.  Jacob was the only tough one to brave the waterfall.  It almost looks like he is surfing.


Kaylee was like a cat sunning herself on a big tree branch when we started the hike.

Hike3 But was then freezing and using the little girls as heaters.


We ended up taking Ashley and Jerrica.  They AMAZED me.  It's quite a hike and not once to Ash complain or want to be carried.  In fact she kept saying, "This is a GREAT hike, isn't it Dad"  Here is a picture of everyone minus ME.  I LOVE the background in it!


I know I shouldn't take my kids out of school for these little family fun days, but they hardly ever get to see their Thompson grandparents.  We HAD to spend time with them!

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Teachinfourth said...

Man, I wish that someone would take me out of school so I could go on a hike…

I love that first shot of 'grandpa.' Awesome.