Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Work Chart

I always get comments, "Do your kids ever work or do they just play?"  Believe me, they work!  Their friends even ask why I make my kids do so many chores.  I tell them that we have a big family with way too many chores for ONE mom to do.  It takes all of the kids help to keep us organized.

I also get questions of how their chore chart is set up.  I believe that chores are like any other job that you may have, you need to have a detailed outline of what is expected of you.  On each card I have a list of what needs done daily and then stars by what needs to be completed on Saturday.  Under each "House Room" card is their "Bedroom" and "Bathroom" cards.  I just updated it and thought I would share it.  I printed out their pictures and slipped them in plastic magnetic frames.  The magnetic clips are nice for clipping allowance money, notes, or extra jobs on.

Work Chart

Each kid is in charge of a house room for the week and then the magnets are rotated Monday morning.  I love that they are encouraging others to pick up their messes so that their room stays clean and I'm not the one constantly nagging everyone to pick up.  They feel possessive of their "house" room.

On top of the cards (I know I'm a taskmaster) they have to complete two extra jobs.  There is always PLENTY that needs to be done.  An extra job can be anything from taking out all trashes, checking the mail, sweeping the front step, pulling weeds... just little things that need to be done.  When they are all done I LOVE the house and feel like we can do something fun. 

Help with the dishes are regulated by the day.  With it all outlined there is never a "Why Me?" or complaining.  That's just the way it is set up and our routine that we are used to.

Work Chart2

AND can I say that I LOVE routine and LOVE all the help in getting the work done.


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Brilliant! It's so important to teach the kids that everyone helps and pitches in...the mommy fairy doesn't magically do it all.

LOVE how you have it so oragnized and easy to reference! Will probably be stealing this one when my kids are old enough.

just jayma said...

Wonderful idea! What sorts of "things" do you have on the cards for each rooms? Dusting, vacuuming? Does Jerrica have any special chores? she is the age of my youngest, and I want him to be included, but just don't know...thanks for your blog, I love it!

Teachinfourth said...

Crack the whip! Crack the whip I say!

I think a great idea to teach responsibility when your kids are young. This way, they'll be able to survive when they finally leave the nest by being able to feed and cleanup after themselves.

Rock on, you.

[Stacia] said...

LOVE it!
My 3 year old has a chore chart with about 12 different chores on it. Granted, some of them are really easy like making sure all the stools are pushed in under the counter and making sure the pillows look nice on the couch. And I get called a slave driver quite often BUT before he turned 3, he could sort laundry just as well as I could and he's such a good little helper.
I say good for you!

Mindy@TheLemonTree said...

Wow, I really love this! I am always looking for a good chore system for the kiddos. Very clever!

Heather said...

I LOVE your work chart! It's always fun to try a new way of keeping track of chores. Thanks!

sue said...

How old were your kids when you started having them do chores. And what kind of chores does your youngest do? I have a four year old and two year old and would like them to have a sense of work. sueellenhafen@yahoo.com

MommyAnna said...

Would you have any spare time to show us what is on each those cards including the bedroom and bathroom cards? I think it is such an amazing idea!