Monday, August 23, 2010

Marbles and Pictures

I know I take a ton of photos.  My memory isn't that great and I'm hoping all these pictures will help me someday.  I usually take a few at the beginning or at the end of whatever we are doing.  That way I'm able to capture the moment but still enjoy what we are doing.  I do have little episodes when I see something that I think would have been a really cute picture, BUT I already put the camera away to do whatever we are doing.

And yes, some definitely want their picture taken whereas others I have to catch from a distance when they are unaware.  I generally like those more anyway because you get genuine expressions.

We do enjoy looking at pictures and reminiscing about past events.  I LOVE to frame them around the house.  They bring me joy as I look into the eyes and remember the day that I took the picture of the kids doing this or that.

Here are some from our marble track that we built one afternoon before school started.  It took a lot of time and patience, BUT on a no TV day with nothing else to do, it was the perfect activity!  We are still loving it.  I took these pictures at the end of building, which was probably good because the during building part got a little intense and frustrating. 

Marble Marble2 Marble3   Marble4

Now about the natural light.  Our kitchen table is next to a great big window that lets in beautiful light in the afternoon.  In the morning there is a cool blue tone to the pictures instead of the warm glow in the afternoon.  I have found that if the kids are just barely outside of the sunspot that is shining in the window, that the  lighting is close to perfect.  If their face is IN the bright sunspot there are of course harsh shadows.  If they are too far from the window, the picture has more blue tones to it.  And as can be seen in Jacob's picture above, if you have been at a scout camp and have a sunburn you will have red tones no matter what!

Soooo, the edge of light is my little tip for you.  Just find a window that has light coming in during the afternoon.  Put out a few toys for your little one to play with being careful to put them by the edge of light.  Then sit with your back to the window, facing your subject and shoot away.

I hope that answered the indoor natural light questions. 


T.Irwin said...

I love to use natural light...not direct sunlight, though. Your pictures are always a joy to see.

Heather said...

Wow! Thanks for all the great photography tips! I'll definitely try them. We have the same marble set, and my kids love it once we get it built. It CAN get complicated to build.

Teachinfourth said...

Now this was a great activity! My brother used to have a plastic version, but we still loved it.

Anonymous said...

What marble set is that?