Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Update

Our schedule looked like this on Saturday....

8:00 Kaylee Basketball Game

8:30 Nathan Basketball Game

9:00 Deacon Basketball for Jacob with Steve coaching

11:00 Nathan Scout Merit Badge

12:00 Kaylee Soccer

2:00 Jacob Swim Meet

2:00 Birthday Party for Rebecca and Kaylee

3:00 Nathan Soccer

3:30 Jacob Basketball Game

Not to mention that NONE of these events were at the same place!

Swimming Jacob Jacob did awesome in his swim meet.  In his relay, Jacob swam the last leg.  He jumped in behind the other teams and ended up winning by three lengths.  He has such a pretty, steady front stroke!  I look at him wondering how I got a child that can swim all of the strokes so well.  Then I look over at Nathan flailing in the water and realize that I do have a child like me.  :)

We cleaned and cleaned on Monday to make up for our busy Saturday.  Then rewarded ourselves with a late lunch at Chick-Fil-A and a movie.



Libby said...

mmmmm Chik-Fil-lay. Our son who served in Washington DC area introduced us to it and son who served in Anaheim led us to one. We are now hooked! Of course, we don't get to the States often so it is a real treat.

Crazy schedule for sure...it'll be over soon and they'll be adults in too short of a time.

Janessa said...

Wow! That is s busy schedule! Good thing there was no school on Monday so that you could catch up and fit some playing in. How did you like the movie?

km said...

I know what you mean--- the older they get the more time we spend in the CAR! We sure are blessed to have that "problem" huh!?