Monday, February 28, 2011

It Takes A Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am sooo grateful for the village of teachers, friends, church leaders, coaches, relatives, scout leaders ... that are helping us raise our children.  I love to hear my kids share what they learned at their church activity or what they learned in a huddle from a coach.  They are filling in the gaps that I am forgetting and the things that I am unable to teach.  I am just sooo grateful for each one that is helping to enrich my children's lives.

I think back in my life at all of the VERY different people that have touched my life and taught me.  Not ONE person has made me who I am today.  It has been MANY people teaching and helping me and WILL be MANY more. 

This past week the village helped us whether the kids were at games, practices, scouts, school, friends' houses or church.  Just wanted to highlight a few things that happened over the weekend AND a few people from "our village" that were helping us....

We love Ashley's preschool teacher, Ms. Rachel.  She is so bubbly and able to keep up with Ashley's energy.  She just celebrated her 100th day at preschool.  She had to take something with a hundred things on it.  Jacob made the monster for her and Ash glued the eyes on.  I wrote what she needed to write on her poster for her to trace, and then told her to sign her name.  I then came back to find all of these curls on her letters.  She is REALLY into a phase of "fancifying " everything that she is writing.  I'm glad that Ms. Rachel has parties and activities for my Ash.

100 Day

This week Rebecca was back to the orthodontist.  She is always telling Rebecca how beautiful she is and how gorgeous her hair is.  I mean she goes on and on...isn't that so good to hear from other people, AND may I add how happy I am that those front teeth ARE straightening.  I can't straighten her teeth, but her orthodontist can!

Rebecca also has the librarian at school and Mrs. White sharing their love of books with her.  Rebecca devours books and then enjoys discussing them.  Mrs White and Mrs. Brunk are so good to do just that with her.  Rebecca started "Where the Red Fern Grows" last week and finished it tonight.  I know she will find those two sweet ladies tomorrow at school to tell them all about the book.  I thank them for listening and sharing.

Becca Swim

Kaylee has two incredible coaches for basketball and soccer that teach her more than just the sport.  They teach her leadership, hard work, intensity, teamwork, and so much more.  Kaylee's little basketball team was winning the 4th grade division so Coach Sheena moved them up to the 5th and 6th grade division.  Now 5th and 6th grade girls are maturing and are HUGE.  They were blown away the first game.  Did Sheena quit and move back down to the 4th grade level ... uh NO, they worked harder!  And NOW Kaylee's team has won the last three games.  I'm so proud of them!  Kaylee was awesome in her game on Saturday.  She made four of their six points.  Yes the final score was 6 to 3.  There is a lot of defense and pressing in these games.  Kaylee then headed out to the complex for a windy day of soccer scrimmages with Coach Dan.  I'm thankful for good coaches.

Jacob had a fun pizza party over at Spencer's with a group of friends.  The Webb's are so good to host parties and Spencer is such a good friend to Jacob.  You need friends like Spencer in Middle School!  I am thankful for friends that are examples.

Jacob also has incredible scout leaders that are helping him to finish his Eagle.  I am sooo proud of all the merit badges he has completed.  I am thankful for leaders that put time and energy into a calling.


Oh my goodness I could go on and on about so many different people.  There is definitely a village working on these Thompson kids and I am forever grateful!

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