Saturday, February 26, 2011

Freezing Fog

It is FREEZING outside and the fog is thick.  I could hardly see driving home from Kaylee's practice tonight.  I don't care for fog, but I do LOVE the frost on the trees.  It makes outside look like a winter wonderland. 

Nathan couldn't stand being locked inside during the afternoon.  SO he braved the weather to shoot on his soccer goal.  It then turned into an ALL the kids heading outside.  I grabbed my camera to get some fun shots of the frost on the pines, but ended up loving this one of Kaylee.  Something about the snow in her hair, the blue lips, and that huge smile on her face.  She is ALWAYS giggling about something!

Kaylee Snow2


Teachinfourth said...

Frost and fog can make for some amazing shots!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful. It's like you freeze time.


Angie White said...

I'm in LOVE with her hat!!

km said...

I love that SMILE and I love that HAT! SO DARLING!