Monday, October 25, 2010

Big Girls Halloween Party

12 girls all together doing crafts, games and dressed in costume = FUN! 

We bobbed for apples, did pumpkin bowling, and mummy wrap with toilet paper (Rebecca's friends against Kaylee's friends) they had to chose one person from their group and wrap an entire roll of toilet paper around them before the other team.

H Party H Party2

We also had a little guess how many candy corns are in the jar.  I was surprised at how excited the girls were about winning the little ghost candle from the candy corn guessing.

H Party4

We did quite a few projects.  We made bat and spider barrettes.

H Party5

We nailed designs into little pie pumpkins and then laced them with yarn.  You can see the tutorial HERE.  I was surprise at all the creativity the girls had with their designs.

H Party3


We also made the big Hershey candy bar mummies with googley eyes.  AND Halloween chocolate molds thanks to Elaine!

It was such a fun afternoon.  I'm just sad that I was so busy that I didn't get any pictures.  I didn't ever take one with ALL the girls and am missing Sylvie in this one with Kaylee's friends, not to mention that Miss Statue of Liberty, Emma is out of focus.  Oh well, maybe next year I can get one.

H Party7

A little someone quite liked the brain hat ...

H Party6

Anyway, Halloween party can be checked off now!


Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

everything looks so cute, I especially love the barrettes :) but for me, bobbing for apples gives me the heebie-jeebies... oh well, I guess kids like it.

Ryan M. Spillane said...

It looks like the girls had a fun time. You are such a cute Mom!!

Km said...

What a fantastic party!!!!!!! Looks and sounds like so much fun... They will forever remember such a wildly wonderful and and creative time!

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