Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Phone Pictures

When I made the kids photo books I LOVED all of the pictures that were on their ipods and phones.  They were glimpses into their lives.  I knew that I had a slew on my phone that just sit in my phone.  I thought that I should try out the instagram thing to help get them out of the phone, BUT I haven’t spent enough time with it to figure it out.

The other night was a Kaylee date night and I snapped a picture with my phone, but have been sad that the memory of the night will just stay lost in my phone.  I need to post these random little pictures that I snap here and there so the memories are not lost.  The picture is dark and grainy, but I can see Steve and Kaylee and a flood of fun feelings and memories come to mind because of this little glimpse.


Kaylee and I grabbed Chick-fil-A to go and then headed over to Big House sports to watch Stephen’s volleyball game.  Stephen is an incredible volleyball player and so fun to watch!  I also had a friend that I play basketball with playing on another court, which was fun to watch her as well.  Kaylee is so cute with her comments.  We kept each other laughing the entire date.

It was just a great date!  :)

(And now it’s not only on my phone, but will actually be blogged into a book! :)


Doug and Bethany said...

Instagram is so easy and so fun. It's a great way to share all those phone pictures!

Anonymous said...

I haven't even tried instagram...I just email myself the photos from my phone! Its a tried and true method for me, even if it is "the hard way"!

Elizabeth said...

I love Instagram! I use a website called Stickygram to print my favourite pictures into magnets for the fridge. :)