Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Holiday Shelf

We have a little holiday shelf that we change out every month.  Since Easter is sneaking in the month of March, I thought I would put up a little St Patty’s decor for a bit.  I took down my shrine of Stephen and I. 

Holiday Shelf

One of my favorite parts of the display is that gold book. It is William Shakespeare's Works and is filled with love poems.  A $2 find from an antique store.

Anyway, I went to change out pictures and Rebecca informed me that she hated the “Kiss me I’m Irish” picture of her that I had taken a few years ago.  SO, we snapped a few new ones and chose one for the wall….

Lucky Shirt3

We had a really hard time getting a kiss picture because she couldn’t hold her giggles in.  Oh how we LOVE holidays around here!

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Unknown said...

I love your holiday shelf, I think it is the best idea ever. When I have a wall to call my own I shall hang a shelf upon it and try to make it as amazing as yours.